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Date: 1985-01-31

The Dallas Morning News

The Texas Supreme Court found Wednesday that a state district court in Fort Worth did not err in ruling against Barbara Landry, who had tried to regain custody of her daughter after placing her into adoption through the Edna Gladney Home.

Ms. Landry gave birth to the baby girl Feb. 10, 1984, and placed her into adoption Feb. 14. She changed her mind about the adoption after her parents pledged financial support. She sued to regain custody.

Ms. Landry and her attorney, Michael Berg, argued that the Gladney Home, which arranged the adoption, had used illegal coercion to prod the young mother into making her adoption decision.

But State District Judge Brian A. Carper, found no evidence of undue influence and ruled against Ms. Landry.

Neither Ms. Landry nor Berg could be reached for comment. Both have vowed to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

William Schur, attorney for the Gladney Home, said he was pleased but not surprised at the state Supreme Court's finding.

He also said he expects Berg to push for further appeals.

"I expect him to continue trying,' Schur said.


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