Clifford Phillips is Founder of Casa Quivira orphanage/agency

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Casa Quivira

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After Clifford Phillips and Sandra Gonzalez married, a friend approached them to ask if they would be willing to help another friend in the U.S. to complete an adoption of a Guatemalan baby. The intermediary agency that the family had worked with asked Cliff and Sandra to complete more adoptions and soon they shifted focus and were processing adoptions full time. For several years individual foster mothers were hired to care for the babies while the adoptions were in process. However, Cliff and Sandra discovered that it was nearly impossible to adequately monitor the foster homes to ensure that each child was receiving appropriate stimulation, nutrition, and medical care. Most of the foster mothers also had several children of their own to care for, as well as perform their many daily household chores and they were not educated to detect developmental or medical problems in the children. There were several occasions when the children had significant medical concerns that the foster mothers did not detect or report. Cliff and Sandra decided they wanted to establish a facility where they could have 24 hour/day access to monitor the well-being of the children as well as provide more diligent medical care. They would also be able to provide nannies whose focus was to care for the children only without other chores to do.

In 1996 they opened their first children's home, Casa Quivira.

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