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Casa Quivira Children's Fund Inc.Sponsor ofCasa Quivira
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US DOS Update: Casa Quivira, Semillas de Amor and Santa Lucia de las Flores cases 2009-03-24
US DOS: Update on Casa Quivira and Semillas de Amor Cases 2009-02-05
US coulple almost adopted stolen Guatemalan baby2008-07-31
Lawyers accused of involvement in illicit activities, leading the process of adoptions 2008-05-26
Guatemala to review pending adoptions2008-04-30
Adoption lawyers charged with trafficking 2008-03-25
Guatemala Adoption Lawyers Charged2008-03-24
Guatemala: No Amnesty for Adoption Fraud2008-03-12
Guatemala Adoption Fraud May Hit U.S.2008-03-11
Casa Quivira Media Contacts2007-10-11
Congressional letter to Oscar Berger Perdomo about Casa Quivira2007-09-07
Denver dad caught in Guatemala adoption fight 2007-09-04
Cleaning Up International Adoptions2007-08-29
U.S. adoptive parents are worried about babies taken from Guatemalan adoption home 2007-08-24
35 Babies Removed From Guatemala Orphanage Catering to Americans 2007-08-24
9 babies hospitalized after adoption raid in Guatemala 2007-08-21
Looking for missing girl in raided nursery2007-08-14
Guatemala's crackdown on adoptions leaves Michigan families with broken hearts 2007-03-11
The Children of Guatemala2000-10-28
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this organization played.
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Guatemala - Casa Quivira caseAdoption agency
Guatemala - Casa Quivira caseOrphanage


Antigua, Guatemala


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