India - Preet Mandir case

Renuka  Renuka with photos of her siblings in Italy
Preet Mandir refuses to return children to birth families, makes donation demands of PAPs, violates CARA rules, and takes poor care of children. See individual cases:
Ashwini and Komal, Satara case
Date: 1999-01-01
Number of children:


Organizations: Preet Mandir


Pune, Maharashtra
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Preet Mandir adoption racket: NGO to approach HC to expedite case
Preet Mandir says its hands are clean1999-01-09
Judi Kloper home from her India trip scouting for children2005-02-03
The adoption nightmare 2005-05-21
Cradle Snatchers2005-10-23
Pay in dollars and adopt a child2006-06-19
Pune agency violates adoption laws2006-06-20
Pune agency violates adoption laws2006-06-20
Adoption agency gives HIV+ baby2006-06-21
Unwanted babies in great demand2006-06-22
Impact: Confessions of a conman2006-06-22
Bought in villages, sold in cities2006-06-23
Agency burns evidence2006-06-25
'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice2006-06-26
Proofs from adoption racket jigsaw2006-06-26
Preet Mandir loses Goa License2006-07-03
When Preet Mandir 'kidnapped' a baby2006-07-11
Babies in limbo2006-10-07
Danish documentary on Preet Mandir2007-01-01
Preet Mandir to be under CBI scanner2007-04-27
Denmark suspends all adoptions from India following reports children could have been abducted2007-06-11
Inquiry finds no wrongdoing at Pune-based orphanage2007-06-16
'Cheated’ dad can’t get back kids2007-06-16
Black Label bottle, cash and a child2007-06-19
HC upset with CBI probe in Preet Mandir adoption scam2007-10-16
Children snatched & stolen, racket is called adoption2007-10-21
CBI confirms CNN-IBN’s report on illegal adoption 2007-12-19
HC vacates stay on foreign adoptions from Preet Mandir2008-07-23
In search of the stolen children 2008-08-30
Satara to Spain: Grandma wants adoption probed2009-02-04
Meet the Parents: The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption2009-03-09
CBI admits its report on scam was 'faulty'2009-09-11
After giving clean chit, CBI wants to probe Pune adoption scam2009-09-11
CBI to submit another report on adoption centre2009-09-11
Adoption irregularities: Preet Mandir denies charges; hearing on Sept 242009-09-12
Maharashtra officials linked to adoption scam: CBI2010-05-18
Pune Preet Mandir's licence suspended2010-06-18
Bombay high court: Let one agency monitor adoptions2010-07-30
Preet Mandir: mother says gave child for institutional care, not adoption2010-08-20
18 Preet Mandir adoption cases get HC go-ahead2010-10-09
Four get bail in adoption racket2011-04-29


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