A. Erkebaev’s daughter figures in criminal case on illegal transporting of orphans

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KABAR. March 16. Daughter of Abdygany Erkebaev, former Kyrgyz Parliament Speaker Gulnara Erkebaeva figures in criminal case on illegal transportation of four orphans. Moldomusa Kongantiev, Minister of Internal Affairs told at the press conference.

M. Kongantiev told that, the judge G. Erkebaeva considered four cases of transportation of orphans abroad and their adoption, that means that she can be punished.
Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office investigates over 12 criminal cases on illegal adoption and transportation of underage orphan children abroad. According to information of defence and law enforcement agencies, about 100 children were transported from Kyrgyzstan.

“An investigatory group formed in the Public Prosecutor’s office on this cases. As for A. Erkebaev’s daughter, in these cases not only she, but other judges also figure. If they are found guilty, the Prosecutor General’s Office will consider the issue of bringing them to trial”, chief of the special investigation department under Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office Uchkun Karimov said.

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