At least 100 underage orphans illegally transported from Kyrgyzstan

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By Daniyar KARIMOV

“According to preliminary data, about 100 underage orphans were illegally transported from Kyrgyzstan,” chief of the special investigation department under Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office Uchkun Karimov said.

Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office investigates over 12 criminal cases on illegal adoption and transportation of underage orphan children abroad.

Adoption of children by foreigners is possible only through the court in Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office is aware of the facts when positive verdicts were returned on the basis of fictive papers - copies of documents submitted to the justice whereas it is necessary to submit the originals, Uchkun Karimov said.

Some similar decisions were made by the daughter of Abdygany Erkebaev. Karimov said if the judge and some of her colleagues are found guilty, the Prosecutor General’s Office will consider the issue of bringing them to trial.

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