A closer look at contested adoption

    Not many people know who Madison is or the spefics of her attempted adoption.Madison was born aug.30,2006 in ft. bend county TX. Her mother was signed on with an adoption agency and the prospective parents that she chose had traveled from NC for the birth. The mom had come from Maine specifically to place her child. At the birth the only person she wanted present was her fiancee, so the prospective parents waited in a room down the hall for the joyous news. When Madison was born she was taken from the delivery room and placed into the waiting arms of the prospective mom who was patiently waiting to be "gifted" a child she could love and raise as her own with her husband. This was the third time they had tried to adopt and they prayed fervently that it wouldn't fall through this time. How do I know this? I am Madisons father.

    On aug.4,06 I recieved a phone call from my girlfriend. She told me she was in TX and had decided to place our child for adoption and hung up. I was in Maine at home with not a clue as to what to do and no way of finding her. On the web I found "Legalized Lies" and with help learned of and filed an intent to claim paternity as the law requires in TX. Then on aug.24,06 I was served a lawsuit to terminate parental rights from an adoption agency in ft bend county TX. Again with the help of Jes I filed an answer with the courts and agency and began searching for an attorney in TX. On aug 28 I called the agency and notified them of my intent to contest and tried contacting their attorney to inform them as well.I called again on aug.31 to find out my daughter had been born just before 7am aug.30. I was not given any details or health information, just told when she was born. I asked for futher details and again stated my intent to contest only to be hung up on.

    I found an attorney and filed another answer with the court and moved to Houston TX on nov 6,06.  It wasn't until late dec. we found out she was not in TX and found out she was in NC in april 07. In may a temporary orders hearing was heard and visitation was ordered to begin immedeatly. The prospective parents of course were not happy, they hired an attorney and intervened in the case.I finally got to meet my daughter in late july 07. Needless to say supervision due to flight risk was required and ordered. The supervisors would be provided by the agency and during this time court hearings, various testing and multiple other hoops were thrown in my path. The potential parents and agency made visitation as difficult as possible and time went by as delay after delay was brought up. During that time motions were filed by the agency to compel both active duty records from my service in the army and my VA records which the judge granted despite the privacy act of 1974 and the freedom of information act that states a federal judge is required for release unless there is a criminal case pending which this was not. These records and every record generated from the age of 18 to present(36) were used in trial.

     After 2 years and following a bogus accusation by the potential parents that led to my arrest fifteen minutes into visitation and in front of Madison, the judge decided trial would happen in oct 08. At trial The agency flew the birth mother down and lodged her as she had filed for joint custody with the potential parents if I was not terminated. after two and a half weeks the jury deliberated and decided that the birth mother who voluntarily abandoned Madison would be terminated. I as the father would not be terminated but due to Madisons developmental stage the jury left the potential parents as managing conservators and left visitation up to the discretion of the judge. In dec08 the final order was handed down. There was no adoption. I am legally her father and now pay 202.50 in child support and 150.00 for medical expenses for my daughter with no visitation. I know you ask how. I do to. two and a half years of my daughters life,over 200,000 of expenses, all legal requirements fulfilled in a timely manner and refused prior to birth both verbally and in writing trying to protect my childs rights and my own only to be shafted by the very system I swore an oath to defend. I learned that fathers have no rights in TX and that the agency opinion is that a father exercising his rights is causing trouble.

    I know what your thinking and no. I have no felonies or jail time in my past. Marijauna was a past issue testing proved it was on several occasions(hair folical and urinalysis). I'm honorably discharged and treatment at VA was for PTSD from combat. No these are not present records. Active duty discharge was nov 95 and last VA appointment was in 98. no domestic violence,pedophile,drug,rape or other charges ever filed. The most important thing I have learned is that the media and government do not want to show the dirty side of adoption. This was an at-risk adoption where a child was sold for the sum of 39,600 against the parents wishes.


Dirty Deeds and The Dark Side

Indeed, the media does NOT want to feature the corrupt practices behind adoption placements.  I believe exposure puts too many "well-respected" practitioners at risk.... a risk the well-funded and highly supported adoption industry does not want to take.  [Who in their right mind wants to risk the loss of a lucrative job, the loss of a home, the loss of a esteemed reputation, and the loss of freedom a prison-sentence brings with it?]

Instead, the media features small bits and pieces of this madness... small enough so some of the atrocities can be exposed, but not enough to provoke a real strong demand for reform.  The media tends to favor the feel-good flavor of adoption, not the bile producing reality so many people have been forced to face.

What remains is a strong pitch for private adoption agencies to sell babies to members of the general public... people who have been brainwashed into thinking convinced adoption, in all cases, is the best option for mother, father, and child.

This story brings to light a very sad truth behind the drive in many people within the adoption industry -- more time, money and effort is put into breaking a family than preserving one.

all these people made money...

"This story brings to light a very sad truth behind the drive in many people within the adoption industry -- more time, money and effort is put into breaking a family than preserving one."

When an adoption starts in one state; conception was in another; moved from state to state... one has to believe they are running from something.  The amount this father paid...  the amount paid for the birth...  the amount paid the adoption agency, and the amount those PAP's spent to prepare for that child.  The lawyers involved.  The motel bills.  It all shows the real push behind adoption:  MONEY!

If that mother did not want her child, then why was the extended family not involved in her placement?  Which all comes down to the sins of our nation where family is NOT a priority.  This is shameful.

And now that child is "bonded" into that adoptive family?  Or is she in foster care?  Not knowing her mother and father.  Knowing the loss of the AP's.  How can anyone expect that little girl to grow up without serious emotional damage? 

In no way was anyone seeking the best option for that child.  I pray that everyone involved in such evil practices find it
very difficult to sleep at night.  I pray that God will develop a conscience within people like this; there doesn't seem to be

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Haven't we realized it yet?

After the Focus on Children Debacle, these agencies will not face time.  A woman who pretends to be a natural mother gets more time than someone like Scott and Karen Banks and the Focus on Children adoption agency.  The adoption industry will fight tooth and nail to make sure that the industry does not have a dark spot on their reputation.  Yesterday an article came out about international adoption. They specifically mentioned Commonwealth Adoptions International.  The adoptive parents with this agency have not gotten their deposits returned.  Many of them have been transferred over to other adoption agencies only to start all over again with a whole new set of fees. 

The adoption industry actually encourages adoptive parents to be entitled.  All you have to do is read their fact book and read Good Mother Birthmother.  They called women who have relinquished good mothers.  Their fact book tells adoptive parents to call these same good mothers biological strangers. 

They will bring every crime a natural parent has committed but oh lord the same kind of testimony can't be brought up about the adoptive parents.  I know a natural mother that has happened to.  In fact, many adoption agencies have been telling adoptive parents who are at risk of losing their "adopted" child to a natural parent to accuse the natural parents of molestation.  It has happened in another father case that I am personally involved in. 

We are all being screwed over by the adoption industry.  The NCFA is top controller of all of this.  It blows my mind. 

you are correct

Money is everything to these people.  i am currently attempting to make appeal. For that I need 700 in filing fees and I need to purchase the trial transcripts at a dollar a page(2200) with the possibility of needing other transcripts from other hearings involved in the case just so that i can take them from the district court and hand them to the appelate court. Without the transcripts and fees there is no appeal. everything is in place to force a natural parent to the brink of bankruptcy so that they can be claimed financially incapable. visitation was set up as a nightmare. agency workers supervised them and the travel was disgusting. my daughter had to travel one weekend a month to tx and I had to travel to NC one weekend a month with the husband of the person who did the PAP's homestudy supervising. i was paying 700-1100 a month for 16 hours with Madison with every obstacle imagineable thrown in the way. sites and times were dictated by the agency. I know the PAP's have spent a substantial amount fighting me but found out at trial that a lot of their costs were absorbed by the agency. while i was under gag order the PAP's were holding fundraisers to fight me. the fight continues 19 days to file appeal before deadline and 3000 more to come up with. Why can't money grow on trees?

   As to the damage to Madison. I dread it daily and lose sleep every night worrying about her. However I can't just walk away like so many people seem to advise. I have been told it would be better for her for me to just stop and allow the adoption. That I should walk away and hope she decides to look me up. That my fighting for custody is the worse thing I can do and will cause more harm than letting her be raised by people who say on the stand " I would never hit my daughter or spank her. We don't believe in spanking". Not two minutes later  well occasionally a rap on the bottom for discpline is needed but we'd never go further than that." Now i'm either crazy or this woman admitted to hitting my 2 year old on the stand under oath.no one not even the amicus attorney had a problem with it. That and a thousand other things are the reason I can't in good conscience leave her with them. I spend many a sleepless night wondering if I'm doing the right thing for Madison(like tonight), and can't seem to find any other avenues. I have heard a lot of people say when it comes to their kids they will do whatever it takes. As Madisons father and as a person I believe that to be true. Best interest of the child is suppose to be considered equally with the law but at no time have I seen any of the parties involved against me consider it let alone practice it. A lot of people have said they will pray for me and look at me askance when I ask them not not to. If their going to pray for someone it should be Madison.

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