Adopted Like Me: Chosen to Search for Truth, Identity, and a Birthmother

As a child, Michael Watson asked, "Who is my mother?" The following twenty years he asked, "Who am I?" While narrating his quest to find the missing link to his past, Watson discovers that life’s obstacles are also direct sources for human potential, and that one's true mother can be found in everything that gives nurture and love.

Adoption has always traditionally been associated with secrecy. "Adopted Like Me" is openly narrated from experience, and allows the reader to peer inside the mind of an adoptee.

Compassionately written from an author of loving adoptive parents, the book attempts to persuade that one's birthright should be an unconditional human gift. Watson believes that after learning the truth of their births, no matter what the circumstances, most adoptees experience an emotional release and a feeling of wholeness.

In 1993, Watson began a writing contest for schoolchildren called, Why Mom Deserves a Diamond™. Originally in honor of his adoptive mother, Martha Watson, and the birthmother he had never known, the contest has now reached millions of people. Worth the price of the book, Watson has masterfully included some of the most touching letters of love he has received from over 150,000 kids.

Adoption resources are listed for those who desire more information on adoption, registries, and support groups.

cover of Adopted Like Me: Chosen to Search for Truth, Identity, and a Birthmotherauthor: Michael C. Watson
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