Guatemala - Maria Eugenia Cua Yax (aka Hazel) case

Jennifer and Todd Hemsley froze the adoption of Hazel (Maria Eugenia Cua Yax) for investigation after discovering the DNA test stated that the DNA sample was taken on a day when Hazel was in custody of Jennifer Hemsley, a falsification. The DNA test yielded a paternal "match" and US Embassy immigration pre-approval. DNA was suspected of being switched for a known match DNA sample in Guatemala due to the date falsification and was reportedly handled by the same Guatemalan doctors that handled the DNA for stolen child Esther Sulamita and other stolen children.

There had been other red flags as well:
- the birth mother showed no reaction during a meeting
- medical reports seem to be forgeries (no letterhead, no signature)
- coordinators tried to pay a stranger to pose as the foster mother during a hearing.
Date: 2007-06-30
Number of children: 1


Persons: Tedi Hedstrom


Guatemala, Guatemala
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To save adopted girl, Calif. couple gives her up2008-11-22


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