Playing Psychiatry An Industry Of Death part 1/10

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Mental illness, disorders and syndromes, prescription pills, treatment programs, money -- how does the mental health industry alter the dynamics of family-life for parents and children?

Part 2 explores behavior studies on children.

Part 3 explores eugenics, Nazi Germany and the United States.

Part 4 explores government, pseudo-science, and racism (The KKK, and S.Africa).

Part 5 explores medical ethics and treatment programs used on mentally ill patients.

Part 6 explores "chemical lobotomies" and the introduction of prescription pills, and their known side effects.

Part 7 explores long-term care in the name of 'hospitalization' for those diagnosed with a mental illness, and how money is made through "involuntary commitment", abuse, and insurance fraud.

Part 8 explores sexual abuse claims made against doctors and professional credibility.  (Claims made against "good doctors" include sex with children, rape, and murder.)

Part 9 explores DSM conditions linked to drug companies, and the money this makes for it's investors.  (Note how schools and ADHD become new targets for big companies.)

Part 10 explores the link between a government's interest in education, psychiatry  and mental wellness v. mental illness.


For more, please read how psychotropic medication is being used in the foster care system


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