India - Zabeen (aka Suji) daughter of Fatima and Sali case

Fatima and Sali's 2-year-old daughter Zabeen and 4 year old son Sadaam Hussein were snatched as she played outside her home in Chennai. Sadaam escaped and returned home. Zabeen was given a new name Suji, and placed with adoptive parents in Queensland, along with her purported sibling, another child stolen from a different family.

Fatima and Sali recognized Zabeen in an MSS brochure shown to her by police.
Date: 2000-01-01
Number of children: 2


Persons: PV Ravindranath, Vatsala wife of PV Ravindranath, G.P. Manoharan, Sheikh Dawood (kidnapper), Sabeera and Nawjeen (women kidnappers)


Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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