WOVA Cham Chao orphanage (Phnom Penh)

WOVA orphanage has been operating at Chrey Koang Village in Chom Chao Commune since 1997

closed June 30, 2006

Terminated: 2006-06-30
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WOVA Cham Chao orphanage (Phnom Penh)Cooperates withWOVA Sihanoukville orphanage
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The Sharing FoundationSponsor ofWOVA Cham Chao orphanage (Phnom Penh)
Seattle International AdoptionsCooperates withWOVA Cham Chao orphanage (Phnom Penh)
Hawaii International ChildCooperates withWOVA Cham Chao orphanage (Phnom Penh)
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Chrey Koang Village
Cham Chao


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