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Haing Ngor, M.D. Rescues Village: Dr. Ngor went back again and again, supporting Orphanages, Schools, and efforts to rebuild his Nation, and help retain the Culture of his homeland. His compassion stemmed from the pain of being a victim. After 4 years of forced labor he was well qualified to play the part of Dith Pran, the actual Cambodian Journalist. Dr. Haing Ngor not only acted the part in the movie, but also lived it himself, held prisoner. He could not reveal that he was a Medical Dr. or he would have been killed, as one of the "intelligentsia". Copyright 1990-2010 David Cook Real Love Song, REEL Love Song Media
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Haing Ngor's efforts


Haing Ngor was shot to death in 1996.

According to The New York Times,

Dr. Ngor was 55, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office, but the Los Angeles Police Department and various entertainment source books listed his age as 45.

Police investigators said little about the crime, declining to identify possible suspects, offer a possible motive or say exactly when the attack is believed to have occurred.

Some residents here said they believed that politics were involved because Dr. Ngor had worked to bring those responsible for the Cambodian massacres to justice. The police refused to comment on that possibility.

Dr. Ngor, a bespectacled, elegant man, had spent much of his time and money in recent years working to bring Pol Pot and the perpetrators of the massacres in Cambodia to justice through an international tribunal. Dr. Ngor had furnished information to the State Department, which is amassing evidence. He also helped found two aid organizations for refugees in camps near the Thai-Cambodian border: Aides aux Personnes Deplacees, based in Brussels, and Enfants d'Angkor, based in Paris.

It should be noted, Ngor's wife died during child birth, while in prison.

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