Lya Sorano

was in Georgia and South Carolina

News paper articles, official documents and reports filed about this person
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Children's Service's Corporate registration1980-03-19
THE OLIVER/SORANO GROUP, INC (Sorano and Engelken)1980-10-27
Gwinnett judges blocking adoptions of Koreans due to legal technicality1985-09-17
More judges stalling adoptions of Koreans1985-10-08
Children's Services International Florida registration1987-04-03
2 couples say they paid adoption agency, didn't get babies1987-12-22
Officials strip Atlanta adoption agency of license1988-02-03
Adoption agency caused nothing but pain, couple says 1988-03-07
Adoption agency's tactics questionable, state says1988-03-29
Witness in adoption center case shocked to see `child not normal' 1988-03-30
Adoption agency didn't suspect boy's mental retardation, president says 1988-03-31
Embattled adoption agency can keep operating in state, pending ruling 1988-04-01
Unlicensed CSI Continues Adoption Work, Court Told1989-05-09
Judge Orders Unlicensed Agency to Halt Adoption Services 1989-05-23
Lya Sorano and Associates South Carolina registration1989-06-06
LIKE `A BABY FARM'1996-07-16
Letter to the editor: Adoptive parent speaks out 1997-01-03
Engelina H. Engelken changes name to Lya Sorano2006-06-01
Oliver/Sorano website2009-05-22
Child trafficking cases
Child trafficking cases and the role this person played.
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El Salvador - Attorney Roberto Parada and his wife Ilkea caseAdoption agency
Guatemala - lawyer Juan Varela aka "nino bandito" "baby bandit" caseFacilitator


Sandy Springs, South Carolina
United States
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