Ruben del Cid is Roberto del Cid's brother

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Ruben Del Cid

Article excerpts
Ruben Del Cid has admitted under oath that he paid Urrutia $480 for three youngsters

Instead, Urrutia brought the children to Ruben Del Cid, and offered them for adoption, Ruben Del Cid said in a sworn statement later.

Although the boys had no identification documents, Ruben Del Cid admitted he paid Urrutia $320 for two of them.

Del Cid rejected two of Rodriguez's boys as too old for easy adoption and Urrutia returned them to their mothers, saying that the others were sick and were with a doctor.

After a week of waiting, Rodriguez went to the police. "That's when I figured out Marta was stealing kids," she said. Meanwhile, another mother had also accused Urrutia of stealing her six-year-old boy. Ruben Del Cid admitted paying $160 for that boy, too.

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