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A grown man returns "home"... home to the Children's Home/orphanage where he was abused and molested.


Unwritten rules

I really like reading Roger Dean Kiser's pieces.

I imagine the house-mother did not find much reward in her work with children.... and yet she stayed.  I suppose a pay-check is a pay-check, no matter how horrible the job may seem.  I suppose it was/is very difficult for a charity to find a few kind caring people willing to work in a large a house filled with many "unwanted" children.

I watch videos and read articles about the hideous conditions children are forced to accept and endure in state orphanages.  Is there some sort of unwritten rule that says all Children's Homes/orphanages have to be unpleasant, unhealthy, abusive and unsafe places for a child to live?

Why is it we very rarely get to see and read about the good life-experience "orphans" have/had in a charity-based orphanage?  [Rare is it that I'm able to find an article that features a former resident praising the efforts made by the care-staff, as seen here: " Actress takes to street in bid to save care home ". ]

Would it be a crime for an orphanage/Children's Home to be a safe, pleasant home-environment for the child left to live with strangers? 

Now, I'm no brain surgeon or financial advisor, but it seems to me, if people are being paid to do a job, (like CARE for children), those people should in fact provide the care and safety each child needs.  If not, those employees should be replaced with better workers.  Of course, that's easier said than done.  I imagine it takes a very special group of people to dedicate their lives to children who are not, (and will never be), "family".  [I'm suddenly reminded of the car advertisement that claims, "Ownership has it's privileges."]

From now on, when my kids ask, "What is heaven like?", I will tell them, "It's a place where people not only do as they were asked or paid to do, but each person is really good, kind and enthusiastic, too!"

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