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Krueger who is also the Indian program coordinator of Special Additions Inc. says that she personally receives 10-20 queries from the SAI web site. These are usually from prospective adoptive families about 'how to start an adoption' and 'how to choose a good agency'. After the initial enquiry, Krueger usually sends families to ICHILD to do so some research and gather information.

"Sometimes I talk with them on the phone or email about possibilities or suggest agencies that might work for a particular situation (older children, NRI or special needs). I would say most families go on to complete a successful adoption," observes Krueger and adds that for SAI at least, 60 percent of adoptive families are of Indian heritage, while the other 40 percent are adopting babies with special needs, or older children.

Also FTIA website - Program updates

FTIA is pleased to announce the exciting changes that will be happening with our India program. On the home page of this newsletter, our Executive Director, Keith Wallace, announced that Special Additions, Inc. (SAI) is becoming part of the FTIA team. Through this process we will gain the expertise of SAI’s India coordinators and program. We will also be working with more orphanages in India.

Beth Peterson and Terry Menegay will now be working in FTIA’s India program. Beth has extensive India adoption knowledge & experience. Beth established SAI's India program in 1999. Prior to working with SAI, she founded ICHILD. Beth has four children. Her two daughters were both adopted from India. Beth will be India Program Senior Coordinator for FTIA.

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