Beth Peterson aka Beth Peterson Krueger



My name is Beth & I'd like to welcome you to ICHILD!
ICHILD began as my personal homepage early in 1994-95 while I waited for my daughter Elina to be ready to come home from India. I have two sons (birth) and two daughters (born in India) My daughter Elina Pappi was born in Hyderabad India and I traveled to bring her home in '96. Then my daughter Maia Mangala came home from Pune India in the fall of 1998.

The purpose of the ICHILD WEB SITE & MAILING LISTS would hopefully be to offer a source of inspiration, information, support & resources for those interested in adoption from India and the subcontinent. And of course, to help bring together prospective adoptive parents and children in India who wait for their families. 

ICHILD supports the idea that for any waiting child, an effort should be made to find an adoptive family in India. If that is not possible, an attempt should be made to place that child with an NRI family abroad. And finally, if NRI parents are not available, then the child should be placed with a non-NRI family.

ICHILD offers support to families just beginning to think of adopting, those who are currently in process and those who have already been through the process of adopting from India. We also welcome others to our group who simply have an interest in adoption and/or India. On our mailing lists, the parents share their information, experience and advice with each other. We encourage discussions having the do with the country and culture of India. And the ongoing conversation provides a critical link for our children to their heritage and to each other.

I consider what I do a labor of love. I maintain ICHILD website and mailing lists on a voluntary basis. ICHILD is a non-commercial, non-profit web site. 

Knowing that perhaps in some small way I might be of some help in finding a family for a waiting child or helping someone who is just starting out on their journey into the world of adoption is my personal reward. My life has been enriched by my journey of adoption and I enjoy helping others do the same. I am especially grateful that I've been able to meet, and stay in touch with such wonderful friends here in the US, in India and elsewhere!

Thanks to Lyman, Linda and countless others who help with ICHILD. 

I do hope you'll find the ICHILD web site helpful. I'm open to suggestion and would very much like to hear your comments. I am responsible for putting together the information on the ICHILD site (unless otherwise noted) so please remember that it may not necessarily be current or accurate. If there is anything else you'd like to see on this site, please let me know. And if you see any links or photos that don't come up...PLEASE let me know.

From all of us...our deepest gratitude goes to the staff and caretakers in the many organizations in India, that love and care for these children before they come home to their families. And to all the many here in the U.S., India and elsewhere who give so much of their time, energy and devotion to this work. And lastly and probably most importantly...our deepest gratitude goes to our children's birth families whom we think of often, and hopefully with our help, our children will always hold in their hearts...




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