Haut de la Garenne

Children's home on the island of Jersey where allegedly large scale child abuse took place. Investigation are still ongoing. United Kingdom MP John Hemming and Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret both believe Jersey authorities are involved in an effort to cover up. So far 160 people have come forward with claims of abuse.
Date: 2005-11-01
Placement type: Institution
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Lethal physical abuse, Sexual abuse
Abuser: Undetermined


Saint Martin, Jersey
United Kingdom
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Jersey child abuse inquiry review 'misleading'2011-06-27
Couple deny 49 charges of assault at Haut de la Garenne2010-05-07
Haut de la Garenne: Couple in court2010-02-27
Bungled Jersey child abuse probe branded a '£20million shambles'2009-10-04
Man charged in Jersey abuse probe2009-10-02
Abuse inquiry ‘was a poorly-managed mess’2009-09-03
Historial abuse inquiry costs to be revealed2009-08-25
Ex-county man jailed for sex abuse2009-08-22
Judge and lawyer slam Harper for whipping up media frenzy2009-08-22
Jersey children's carer guilty of sex assaults2009-08-21
A case of ‘lies and half-truths’2009-08-21
Result a comfort to the complainants, say police2009-08-21
Croydon-born pensioner found guilty in Jersey care home abuse case2009-08-21
Jersey carer dubbed 'The Perv' convicted of sex attacks in Haut de la Garenne2009-08-21
Carer guilty of Jersey sex attacks2009-08-20
Jersey carer convicted of sex attacks in Haut de la Garenne2009-08-20
Jersey carer convicted of abuse2009-08-20
Jersey carer convicted of abuse2009-08-20
Lawyer: Harper made up ‘remains’ story2009-08-19
Home children ‘treated like family’2009-08-18
Witness speaks of ruined childhood2009-08-18
No collusion, say abuse trial four2009-08-14
Jersey witness 'ashamed of abuse'2009-08-13
Abuse trial witnesses to be recalled2009-08-13
New evidence delays trial2009-08-12
Jersey home carer trial delayed2009-08-12
Carer 'groped girls' at Jersey children's home2009-08-11
Jersey carer 'was sexual bully' 2009-08-10
Historic abuse inquiry almost complete2009-07-17
Abuse: 11 more cases are dropped2009-07-07
Ex-resident spared jail for children's home abuse2009-06-23
Probation for care home abuse man 2009-06-22
Historic Child Abuse Inquiry: Two cases dropped2009-06-05
Man admits sex abuse at Jersey children's home2009-05-13
Man Pleads Guilty To Jersey Child Abuse2009-05-12
Haut de la Garenne ex-resident Michael Aubin guilty of child abuse2009-05-12
Man admits Jersey care home abuse 2009-05-12
It's official: there was no child abuse in Jersey2009-05-10
Police chief wins court decision on suspension review2009-04-23
Warder accused of Jersey child abuse faces new charges2009-04-20
The alleged victims of the Jersey child abuse inquiry cannot expect justice, reveals the detective at the centre of the case2009-04-18
Haut de la Garenne reuse ‘insensitive’, say care leavers2009-04-03
A new name is called for2009-03-31
Haut de la Garenne site to reopen2009-03-27
Syvret loses High Court bid2009-03-18
Home to something evil2009-03-14
Police chief’s battle in court2009-02-19
Police Chief fights to clear his name2009-02-18
Review begins into Power suspension2009-02-16
Final witness appeal for the historic abuse enquiry 2008-12-10
Home truths2008-12-10
Final appeal for abuse witnesses 2008-12-10
Jersey police chief faces inquiry2008-12-05
Islanders 'living under a cloud' 2008-12-05
£2m cost of police in abuse probe 2008-12-02
Murder, they wrote2008-12-01
Letter from Frank Walker to Simon Bellwood2008-11-26
Digging deep at Haut de la Garenne 2008-11-21
Lenny: Jersey denials are hogwash2008-11-17
Police: No evidence of murder on British island 2008-11-15
No murders at care home in Jersey, police conclude2008-11-13
Police: No evidence of murder on British island2008-11-13
Jersey home no charnel-house2008-11-13
Troubling case for Jersey police 2008-11-13
Jersey chief was 'under pressure'2008-11-13
Jersey probe police chief suspended 2008-11-13
Jersey care home abuse inquiry2008-11-12
Jersey abuse case: police rule out murder at Haut de la Garenne 2008-11-12
Police chief suspended in Jersey probe anger2008-11-12
Jersey chief officer is suspended 2008-11-12
'No child murders' in Jersey home2008-11-12
Jersey abuse inquiry a 'shambles' 2008-11-12
A statement from the Home Affairs Minister - 12 November 20082008-11-12
Jersey police chief suspended after police rule out murders at children's home2008-11-12
Timeline: Jersey 'abuse' claims2008-11-12
Lundy urged to stand down over abuse case2008-11-09
Statement concerning historical abuse enquiry 2008-09-16
Concerns raised over Jersey case2008-08-28
No prosecution in one Jersey case2008-08-28
Jersey probe: no charges for couple 2008-08-27
Couple arrested in Jersey child abuse inquiry will not face charges2008-08-27
New SIO for ongoing historical abuse case 2008-08-27
New officer heads up Jersey case2008-08-27
Damages claims for Jersey abuse 'blocked'2008-08-26
Former head of Jersey inquiry attacks island's legal system2008-08-22
Court bid for UK action in Jersey2008-08-15
Response to article in The Times 2008-08-14
Jersey inquiry needs more funding2008-08-13
Don't let the Haut de la Garenne horrors demonise an entire island2008-08-08
Lenny Harper retires from police 2008-08-07
Man charged over Jersey 'abuse'2008-08-05
Island deputy police chief starts 2008-08-04
Succession planning regarding historical abuse enquiry 2008-08-01
Jersey child abuse: case not closed2008-08-01
Jersey abuse inquiry: Remains of five children found, police reveal - but murder charges unlikely2008-08-01
Jersey ex-police chief slams system 2008-08-01
Jersey murder inquiry 'unlikely'2008-07-31
Carbon dating and the Jersey case 2008-07-31
Response to claims about 'remains' of five children at Haut de la Garenne 2008-07-31
Remains of five children found 2008-07-31
Jersey's ongoing hunt for answers 2008-07-31
Remains of five children found at Haut de la Garenne, Jersey former children's home2008-07-31
Remains of five children found at Jersey care home2008-07-31
Timeline: Haut de la Garenne2008-07-31
News of the World Article 2008-07-13
Recruitment for new SIO for ongoing historical abuse enquiry 2008-07-09
Main points at media briefing 2008-07-09
Jersey force 'to search new site'2008-07-07
Jersey 'abuse' case is adjourned2008-06-30
Jersey abuse inquiry: Two released without charge2008-06-25
Jersey abuse probe pair released 2008-06-24
Man and woman released without charge after questioning 2008-06-24
Jersey abuse inquiry: police make two more arrests2008-06-24
Four more teeth found at Haut de la Garenne 2008-06-24
Two more arrests in child abuse probe2008-06-24
Two in custody following more arrests in connection with Historical Abuse Enquiry 2008-06-24
Arrests over Jersey abuse claims 2008-06-24
Nearly 50 teeth found at Haut de la Garenne 2008-06-19
Care home abuse suspect released2008-06-13
Man released pending further enquiries following HAT related arrested 2008-06-13
Former policeman is arrested in Jersey children's home abuse inquiry2008-06-13
Jersey abuse inquiry: ex-police officer released2008-06-13
Fourth arrest in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008-06-12
3rd suspect arrested in connection with alleged abuse at children's home on British island of Jersey2008-06-12
Ex-Policeman Arrested Over Jersey Abuse 2008-06-12
Jersey officers find more teeth 2008-06-11
Jersey abuse inquiry: Police find more teeth at former children's home2008-06-11
More Teeth Found At Jersey 'Abuse' Home 2008-06-11
More teeth found at children's home2008-06-11
Lawyers want special board to deal with Jersey abuse victims' claims2008-06-09
Two more teeth found in cellar area at Haut de la Garenne 2008-06-05
Statement made by the Chief Minister on 3 June 20082008-06-03
Man faces Jersey child sex charges2008-06-03
Man charged with sex offences in Haut de la Garenne case2008-06-02
Jersey to get first sex offenders register2008-06-02
Man in court over Jersey 'abuse'2008-06-02
Jersey man first to plead guilty in child sex abuse case2008-06-02
British police charge 3rd man in child abuse investigation in Jersey2008-05-31
Man charged over Jersey 'abuse' 2008-05-31
Third man charged in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008-05-31
Third Person Charged Over Jersey Abuse 2008-05-31
Third arrest in Jersey probe2008-05-30
Third arrest over Jersey children's home child sex inquiry2008-05-30
Third arrest over Jersey inquiry2008-05-30
Third Held Over Jersey Care Home 'Abuse' 2008-05-30
Jersey police make third arrest as parts of 'at least two children' confirmed in cellar of children's home2008-05-30
Third man arrested in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008-05-30
Police Reveal More Care Home Evidence 2008-05-29
Jersey teeth 'from two children'2008-05-29
Update regarding Court appearance today2008-05-28
Jersey police find more bone fragments at former children's home2008-05-27
More teeth and bone fragments found at Haut de la Garenne 2008-05-27
Jersey police find further bones 2008-05-27
Jersey inquiry:'A child lies buried... I'm not going to walk away'2008-05-23
Teeth found at Jersey home 'belonged to children'2008-05-22
Children were dismembered and burnt, say Jersey police2008-05-22
Jersey bone fragments 'could suggest homicide'2008-05-21
Jersey bones 'may suggest murder'2008-05-21
Jersey bone fragments 'could suggest homicide'2008-05-21
Q&A: Jersey abuse inquiry 2008-05-21
Update on teeth and bone fragments found at Haut de la Garenne 2008-05-21
Jersey probe criticism dismissed2008-05-19
Canine search assets at Haut de la Garenne 2008-05-18
Response from the States of Jersey Police regarding Mail On Sunday article 2008-05-18
Bone found in Jersey abuse probe 'almost certainly wood'2008-05-18
Jersey 'bone' find now questioned2008-05-18
Sixth tooth found in cellar area at Haut de la Garenne 2008-05-15
Court appearance and Haut de La Garenne update 2008-05-12
Clarification regarding bone fragments found in cellar2008-05-12
Teeth found in cellar undergo more tests in the UK 2008-05-12
Charged Jersey man, 68, in court 2008-04-30
Second man appears in court in Jersey child abuse case2008-04-30
Jersey police investigating child abuse charge man, 682008-04-30
Arrest of man in connection with the ongoing Historical Abuse Enquiry 2008-04-29
Man charged in connection with historical abuse enquiry 2008-04-29
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-28
Work continues in third and fourth cellars at Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-28
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-24
Two Teeth found at Haut de La Garenne in cellars 2008-04-22
Haut de la Garenne media update 2008-04-19
'Bloodstained Items' At Jersey Home 2008-04-18
Blood stained items found at Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-18
'Bloodstained items' found at Jersey children's home2008-04-18
Bloody items found in Jersey home2008-04-18
Jersey children's home police find 'bloodstained items'2008-04-18
Pits found at Haut de la Garenne2008-04-16
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-10
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-07
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-04
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-04
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-03
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-03
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-02
Media notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-04-02
Jersey abuse warnings 'ignored'2008-03-31
Public inquiry into Haut de la Garenne abuse claims2008-03-28
States Of Jersey Police PRESS RELEASE Wednesday, 28 May 20082008-03-28
Media update from Haut de la Garenne - Courtyard excavation begins 2008-03-28
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008-03-17
Independent Advisory Group for Histoical Abuse Enquiry Team 2008-03-17
Media update from Haut de la Garenne - AM 2008-03-17
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008-03-15
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008-03-14
Body Hunt Cop Heads To UK For Help 2008-03-14
House of horrors2008-03-14
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-13
Jersey chief to get expert help2008-03-12
Update from Haut de la Garenne - PM 2008-03-12
Abuse in Jersey: openness required2008-03-11
Response to queries about 'missing child' at Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-11
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-11
Second Jersey 'torture pit' found2008-03-11
PSNI help in Jersey investigation2008-03-11
Police prepare for Jersey search2008-03-11
Dog 'Reacts' In Second Cellar 2008-03-10
Jersey police uncover second room2008-03-10
Ex police 'thwarted' Jersey probe2008-03-10
Update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-10
Work to begin today on second cellar at Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-10
Calls to quit over Jersey 'abuse'2008-03-10
Rally in Jersey over abuse claims2008-03-09
More bones found in Jersey probe2008-03-09
Traces of blood found in bathtub during Jersey care home search2008-03-08
After decades of silence, islanders of Jersey rise up in protest at their political masters2008-03-08
Dog smells blood at Jersey home2008-03-07
Updated figures for numbers of suspects, victims and calls at Haut de la Garenne only 2008-03-07
Blood traces found in care home underground room2008-03-07
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-07
Letter of appreciation from victim to the Historical Abuse Team 2008-03-07
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne2008-03-07
Dog indicates spots on bath in Haut de la Garenne cellar 2008-03-07
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne and response to Daily Mail article 2008-03-06
Plaintive graffiti in Jersey children's 2008-03-05
Media update from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-05
Important personnel changes at States of Jersey Police 2008-03-05
Man claims child abuse on Guernsey2008-03-05
Jersey 'child graves' may be TV props2008-03-05
Bergerac 'link to Jersey search'2008-03-05
Children 'also abused on Guernsey'2008-03-05
Police to review Bergerac episode in Jersey investigation2008-03-04
Politicians linked to Jersey abuse2008-03-04
Police look into claims of secret suicides at Jersey home2008-03-04
Army to search Jersey care home 2008-03-04
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-04
Update for media from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-04
'Bone' found at Jersey home2008-03-04
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-03
Jersey abuse team is told that one attack occurred late last year2008-03-03
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-02
Bryn Estyn victims relive nightmare as Haut de la Garenne gives up secrets2008-03-02
'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist2008-03-02
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-03-01
Jersey forced to face its demons2008-03-01
Police pledge to hunt down island's sadist child abusers2008-02-29
Suspects Are Establishment Figures 2008-02-29
Jersey police discover trapdoor at Haut de la Garenne home2008-02-29
'I don't have emotions anymore'2008-02-29
Jersey cellar searches continue2008-02-29
Children's home from hell: more grim secrets2008-02-29
Police discover shackles in Jersey abuse case home2008-02-29
Man claims abuse at Jersey home2008-02-29
New abuse claims at Jersey home 2008-02-29
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-02-29
Couple to help in Jersey inquiry2008-02-29
Waifs and strays2008-02-29
Media briefing notes from Haut de la Garenne 2008-02-28
Victims speak out about abuse at British children's home where child's skull dug up 2008-02-28
Child Remains Found at Haut de la Garenne, Horror Comes to Light 2008-02-28
Children's home in abuse claims 2008-02-28
Statement from the Council of Ministers 28 February 20082008-02-28
Jersey police set to enter cellar2008-02-28
Inmates tell of nightly abuse by staff at horror home2008-02-28
Home 'forever linked to darkness'2008-02-28
Police make 'significant' finds at Jersey care home2008-02-28
Sniffer-dog's reaction raises fears of more grim finds2008-02-28
Latest Jersey finds 'significant'2008-02-28
Locals come to terms with Jersey allegations 2008-02-28
Sniffer dog may have found more human remains at Jersey home2008-02-28
Third room probed at Jersey home2008-02-28
Victims tell horror stories about old children's home2008-02-28
Bricked-up cellar found at Jersey care home2008-02-28
A statement from Senator Frank Walker.2008-02-28
Third cellar revelation as Walker denies independent judiciary is needed2008-02-28
MPs call for Jersey abuse inquiry2008-02-27
Police to resume Jersey home dig2008-02-27
Sex Case 'Cover Up' Claim Over Jersey Care Home2008-02-27
Police review abuse investigation 2008-02-27
Jersey home victims tell of abuse2008-02-27
Notes from media briefing at Haut de la Garenne 2008-02-27
'It Was Like Colditz, A Coven Of Caves' 2008-02-27
Secrets and lies: the dark side of Jersey2008-02-27
'Abuse was anything from rape to torture. It happened every night'2008-02-27
Body Hunt Sniffer Dog Reacts In Cellar 2008-02-27
New focus in Jersey abuse inquiry2008-02-27
Chief Minister supports Jersey's judiciary2008-02-27
Police reach cellar in search for Jersey care home remains2008-02-27
Haut de la Garenne: Your experiences2008-02-27
Cellar Searched At Jersey Care Home 2008-02-27
More Jersey abuse witnesses come forward 2008-02-27
Jersey care homes 'covered up abuses'2008-02-26
Care home scandal reminds islanders of notorious Beast of Jersey2008-02-26
Police excavate bricked-up 'Colditz' cellar at ex-children's home in Jersey amid fears it hides a mass grave2008-02-26
Secret report 'shows more Jersey child abuse'2008-02-26
Bricked-up cellar may yield truth of child abuse scandal2008-02-26
Prayers of repentance at Haut de la Garenne service2008-02-26
Update statement on Haut de la Garenne 2008-02-26
Proud parish searches for answers 2008-02-26
Jersey 'abuse cover-up' is denied2008-02-26
The Police Investigation into Historic Child Abuse2008-02-26
Remains: Care Agencies Probed 2008-02-26
Child abuse claims in Jersey 2008-02-26
Six more bodies feared buried in Jersey home2008-02-25
Jersey child abuse inquiry focuses on bricked up cellar2008-02-25
Haut de la Garenne: Why abuse on this level could happen again2008-02-25
Jersey inquiry focuses on cellar2008-02-25
Island's 'culture of secrecy'2008-02-25
Children's home was 'like prison'2008-02-25
Jersey police to search six more sites2008-02-25
Police investigate Jersey 'failures' over abuse claims2008-02-25
More remains feared at Jersey care home2008-02-24
Secrets behind children's home2008-02-24
Children's home search stepped up 2008-02-24
Child’s remains found at former care home2008-02-24
Child's remains found at former care home2008-02-24
Partial remains of what is thought to be a child's body found at Haut de la Garenne 2008-02-23
Child's remains found at former care home2008-02-23
Child's body found at care home 2008-02-23
Jersey children's home hell: Victims of Haut de la Garenne tell their story 2008-02-02
Man charged with indecent assault2008-01-30
First charge in historical abuse inquiry 2008-01-30
First arrest in historical abuse inquiry 2008-01-29
Nearly 100 people call Jersey based historic abuse inquiry team 2007-12-20
More callers for historic abuse investigation team 2007-12-06
More calls as inquiry receives national TV coverage 2007-12-05
Investigating Jersey's 'abuse' history 2007-12-04
Jersey 'abuse' victims questioned 2007-12-04
Over 70 alleged victims and 21 alleged suspects now identified by historical abuse investigation team 2007-12-03
Update on historic abuse investigation 2007-11-30
Update on historic abuse investigation - team to expand 2007-11-28
Update on callers following launch of historic abuse investigation 2007-11-27
Update on calls to NSPCC 2007-11-27
SoJP investigate allegations of historic child abuse in Jersey 2007-11-22
Letter of the week William Emslie, former Jersey social worker 2007-09-13

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