Adoption Annulment

I was reading a recently posted article about Adoption Annulment, (as opposed to Adoption Disruption), as it relates to the case of Winnie Faye Higginbotham Yarber .

In the article, "Judge approves annullment of man's adoption", the abused adoptee was able to get a judge ordered change made to his birth certificate.

In the above mentioned case, the adoptee was sold through a baby broker, therefore I'm guessing the Judge who ruled in favor of the adoptee thought the adoption was an illegal one, so the man had every right to have his biological mother's name put back on his birth certificate.  However, I have read in adoption forums other abused adoptees are seeking annulment, too.  Some see adoption as a contract, (like a marriage), and feel like an adoption can be made null and void, if a judge so decides for them. 

I'm not familiar with adoption annulments, and the only how-to web page I found was within Lori Carangelo's website:

I myself thought the only way I could remove myself from my adopted last name was through a legal name change (marriage). 

The paper-work  for me was overwhelming (for marriage), so I decided annulling an adoption was a moot point:  it was best to leave certain things alone. 

I personally see myself as an adult orphan -- one without any parents or extended family -- so re-adoption (by either of my birth parents) or annulment means very little to me.  However, I do see/understand how the angry abused adoptee would want the legal removal of the offending AP names from an altered ammended birth certificate.  Such an act can be liberating and empowering for the abused adoptee.

Does anyone else know much about adoption annulment and how this can hurt or benefit the life of the abused adoptee?



Name Change

Depending upon where you live a name change can be very simple. it is in the US! Or, was prior to 9/11. I guess it's gotten a bit more complicated, but still can be accomplished without an attorney.

However, it of course doesn't change the fact that an abusive parent's name is still onyour birth certificate. The only way to change that is to get adopted agin by your birth parent(s).

birth facts and the fantasy family

The final summation surprised me, because it seems to perpetuate this belief that the adoptee associates birth facts with the fantasy family... or at the very least, the ideal mythical mother.

The only way to change that is to get adopted agin by your birth parent(s).

Those of us who are not children and know how adoption comes about know better than to equate biology with ideal, so I'd be curious to learn how many adoptees would really want to be adopted by original birth parents.... parents who may very well have knowingly walked away from their children, because doing so was easier than caring for a child for X amount of years. [Yes, in many cases, the parent's choice to relinquish and walk has nothing to do with love for the child as it has to do for a love for other people/things.] Based on the discussions I have had with fellow adoptees, if I had to guess the percentage of adoptees who'd wanted to be adopted by their birth parents, that number would be quite low. Such is the consequence that goes with a parent's final decision to have the unwanted child sent away.

So let us get to the meat of the subject, as it relates to adoption annulment.

In my mind, if one wants to annul a marriage or in this case, an adoption, it means the person wishes the marriage or adoption never took place.

This does not mean marriage or adoption itself is not wanted.

It simply means the person involved in a faulty/grossly dysfunctional relationship does not wish the current legal relationship existed. Period.

So how does this affect the adopted person?

It is important to remember, birth facts are birth facts. Whether or not we like whose genetic material was used to help create us, those biologic facts cannot be changed. Adoption facts / adoption records, on the other hand, are a wee bit different. Adoption can change living arrangements and the names we use to call/refer to others, but adoption cannot change birth facts. However, there is a glitch, and if you happen to be the most unfortunate of all adoptees, this glitch is a doozey. In some adoption cases, birth facts have been altered or radically changed, all so an adoption can be arranged. This little fact kinda complicates matters for the adoptee wishing for a change in identity and association.

With that being said, if an adoptee wished to annul adoption facts/records, that adoptee should be able to do so, WITHOUT the need for another adoption. After all, I myself would much rather have the fact that no parent is known.. or one/both parents were incapable of decent self-less parenting, than be given a false fictitious substitute. Such fact-finding would confirm the truth some adoptees fear (mom didn't know dad... or mom and dad are plain self-preserving jerks) and it may allow the disgusted adoptee the dignity to grieve the fact that the fantasy of having a mommy and daddy will never be.

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