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Adoption agency tricked samoan parents into giving children up their for adoption. They promised the families visits and communication, but they told the american adoptive parents that the children were abandoned and had no other family..


scott and karen banks

scott and karen banks practiced unehtical business practices. they coerced bio parents and lied to A. P. Judge Sams no justice is injustice and it only happens in Utah

Scott and karen banks belong in a prison cell, to waste away.

There is more behind their story

Unfortunately, The Banks are not the first to profit from the corrupt practices that take place in and through private services within the adoption industry.  For decades, people like Judge Beethoven (in Brazil), Attorney Roberto el Cid/Roberto el Cid Aguirre (in El Salvador) and others have made it possible for people like Lauryn Galindo (in the United States) to bring babies to anxious adoptive-parents-to-be.  Those who follow the international adoption market know corrupt practices take on many forms in many nations, and now more Americans are learning just how little the United States cares about the fate of stolen children.

Historically speaking, I'm sure people like Georgia Tann, Thomas Barnardo, and Harry and Bertha Holt all believed they were providing a great services for many.   I'm sure none of them could have anticipated the harmful deeds of others.  I'm sure none of them thought selling children to those who wanted them was a bad thing. [Who would have ever thought the so-called unwanted children of so many were actually loved and wanted by family? ]

Meanwhile, because the demand for children is so high, more private adoption workers are willing to go to more corners of the world to find children for desperate PAP's.  After all, money has a way of speaking it's own language, doesn't it?

In Guatemala, long troubled by allegations of fraud, processing of new adoptions has stopped. Officials there plan to revamp adoption procedures to comply with Hague provisions, but it's unclear when that might occur.

Russia closed and then reopened its program - with a new, strict emphasis on the health of potential parents, and fewer children being adopted. In recent times, Russia routinely sent upward of 4,000 children a year to the United States, but last year that figure fell to 1,861.

In January, Russian leaders called for adoptions to the United States to be curtailed or halted, upset by the acquittal of a Washington-area father whose adopted son died of heatstroke after being left in a car.

South Korea, once a world adoption leader, also has reduced its numbers over time, and plans to end its program by 2015.

That altered landscape has driven some U.S. adoption agencies out of business, forced others to add new services, and led many to try to develop new programs in emerging countries.

Three weeks ago, Chinese Children Adoption International, a Colorado agency that for 14 years has handled strictly China adoptions, announced it was starting a program in Haiti, partnering with a Christian charity in Port-au-Prince.

"The days of having one or two big, strong programs are over," said Janet Mintzer, chief executive officer of Pearl S. Buck International in Perkasie, which works in China, Korea, and the Philippines.

Last year, Mintzer traveled to Nepal, a country the size of Arkansas, pinched between China and India, to secure an adoption license. She journeyed to Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico to explore possibilities there.   [From "Rules are changing; programs are closing"]

What disturbs me is not the corrupt ways of many.  [As far as I'm concerned, that's always a given.]  What disturbs me is this belief that so many think adoption is going to SAVE children from further harm!  Many people believe adoption will improve the lives of children languishing in orphanages like those brought to The Oasis in Mexico. 

Don't people know child traffickers are paid to secure young healthy babies for orphanages? [See:  "Baby selling racket exposed in Delhi" ]

Don't people know how those who work for orphanages benefit from "charitable donations"? [See:  "Not for Profit?" ]

Don't people know how little the children see the benefits of donations given to charity?  [See: "Vows of Poverty"  / "Playing both sides of the fence?" ]

Going back to the current Banks situation.... prohibiting caught criminals from practicing in adoption services is not going to deter anyone from trying new things in less regulated countries.  Encouraging people to adopt from foreign orphanages ("save the children") is not going to improve the horrific conditions our own children in American Foster Care are forced to endure.

Knowing many impatient American PAP's are now looking to Taiwan for children can only mean one thing:  The Hunt is On.

you mentioned the Holts...

"Historically speaking, I'm sure people like Georgia Tann, Thomas Barnardo, and Harry and Bertha Holt all believed they were providing a great services for many.   I'm sure none of them could have anticipated the harmful deeds of others. "

This is what was written by The Adoption History Project, about the Holts:
"They relied on proxy adoptions and overlooked the minimum standards and investigatory practices endorsed by social workers. They honored adopters' specifications for age and sex, gave priority to couples with one or no children, and asked only that applicants be “saved persons” who could pay the cost of the child's airfare from Korea. They paid close attention to race-matching for children whose fathers were African-American, but otherwise ignored it entirely. They were happy to accept couples who had been rejected, for a variety of reasons, by conventional adoption agencies."

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

scott and karen banks

Sadly this doesn't only happen in Utah. Kids are stolen from even American families through the LDS church members and groups.

These people should be tried in Somoa where they would face  the death penalty, and if the LDS church has a scrap of sense for what is right, they should be helping the families that are the victims, especially those who have had their children stolen.


Adopted but " homeless"


Everything I have ever read about mormons is that the "family" is the center of their faith. That children are ever so very special.  Abortion is a sin worse than murder.  Mormons teachings emphasis the value of having a family.  (at the cost of others, it seems)  Yet, when I read about the "throwaway"  adopted children of Scott and Karen Banks, I was sickened.  What happen to all that "family" gook?


The Somoan familes that lost children through the "unethical business practices" of the owners of Focus on the Children are paying a big price for listening to Dan Wakefield and Scott Banks and crew.  Those Samoan children who are no longer with their biological families, (yes, ever child has a mother and a father, Dorthy) are emotionally suffering and will continue to suffer(there are stats out there about growing up with strangers, when you in fact have real parents, but where taken away and given to a new set of people to raise you)


But putting the Samoan victims aside and reflecting on the "adopted, abandoned children "of the Banks who are still in Samoa.  These youths lived in the Banks home.  They grew in the Banks home, they had a relationship with the other Bank's children.  These youths have a memory of many many things that happened in the Banks's home.  Memories, that will be with them for life.  Yet, one sunny day in the land of "happy valley" the adults made a decision about the future of two young people.

I am not adopted, I do not claim and never have that I can begin to imagine, the scars that these children must have.  Remember most physical scars of abuse fade, but the emotional scar that scars the soul of the individual is what remains and is of concern.

This emotional scar never really welds it's ugly head until the child matures. Doesn't matter how much love and attention, or lack of attention or interest the AP show to this child. And as this happens the child will question his or her fate in life.  It is similar to a leak in a ship, the scar is not visible noticeable, but then it gets bigger and more overwhelming.  This type of abuse can bring down the greatest of ships.

 Your taken from your homeland, taken from an orphanage, and brought over to the states by your adoptive parents, and then sent away to live with other people in Samoa, would you not question who you are and where in the heck do you belong.  It would take a person of very strong character to "get over this". Impossible. The damage is DONE. Trust, trust who and why would you. Love, temporary love, or was it love at all.  Maybe it was more like being a "roomer" in someone's house.  Then you begin to take up space, and time and energy so your "deleted".  Your pushed aside to make room for new adopted kids who show more promise.  Then how do you as a child that has been "exported" parent? Where do you learn the skills of nurturing, of loving unconditionally, for giving, to your own children, especially when the your own childhood is a patchwork of being removed.

Homeless through adoption, a sad affair for a child, who matures into an adult, and reflects on their child hood or lack of....


Somewhere in a sane world this is a crime against a minor.  You would think in Utah.

But then again minors do not have rights.  There is no place for them to safely go and complain, they just have to go along with the program, conform or ship out.






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