Baby Tamia

Carmen McDonald, suffering from post-partum depression and bipolar disorder, felt overwhelmed, and in a weak moment called an 800 number she found for 'A Cherished Child' to explore the possibility of placing her child for adoption.

She and her three-month-old baby daughter were flown from Illinois to Utah. Within hours, Carmen was asked to sign a relinquishment document. When she tried to back out, she was threatened to be left without return airfare, which would have left them stranded - and with no money - in Utah. Frightened and feeling alone, she caved in and signed.

Later the prospective adoptive parents, with whom Tamia already had been placed, were arrested on drug charges, putting Baby the girl in the care of Child Protective Services.

Eventually Tamia was returned to her family in Chicago
Date: 2005-01-06


United States
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Parent topics: Coerced adoption
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