Police search for the remains of a missing Port St. Lucie boy

Date: 2009-02-25
Source: cbs12.com

Allison Bybee

They're using high-tech equipment hoping to find the remains of a boy who disappeared while in the care of a convicted child abuser. Port St. Lucie police detectives are making the rounds at three properties once owned by Judith Leekin. They started with a home on Southwest Hawthorne Circle, then moved on to Lion Lane.

The clues are few. Detective Stuart Klearman with the Port St. Lucie police department says, "The information is very vague and not very specific at all." Port St. Lucie Police acting on a tip. Shane Graham, a 10 year-old boy, missing for a decade, might be buried in Dave Davy's backyard. Davy says, "I would be surprised. I would be surprised to hear someone buried someone on their own property, but you never know with some people."

Davy learned just four months ago what went on inside his home. Police say the former owner, Judith Leekin, abused 11 adopted disabled children. She reportedly did not feed them, and tied them up in a side room.

Three weeks ago she was sentenced for that crime, and for defrauding New York State out of millions of dollars. Her punishment: 20 years.

Neighbor, Logan England, says, "It's crazy. It's kind of appalling to think what she did to everybody in that home. From tying them up, to starving them. It's horrible." Neighbors learned of the search last week. Cadaver dogs searched three separate homes for a scent. Wednesday, they watched as an x-ray-like machine inched through a Southwest Hawthorne Circle yard. Detective Klearman says, "It will tell us if there has been a shallow grave dug in the soil." The lawnmower-like device unfortunately didn't lead investigators to Shane.

Davy says, "It's a little distressing. My wife is a little upset about it. Hopefully, they don't find him here."

Police still have two more homes to search, those previously owned by Leekin, in hopes of finding the boy. Shane Graham or "Moo" had Down's Syndrome and we're told could never survive on his own.


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