Timeline: Carer abuses children

Date: 2007-03-20
Source: BBC News

Eunice Spry, a church-going carer from Gloucestershire, has been found guilty of abusing children in her care.

Bristol Crown Court heard how the children were made to eat their own vomit as punishment for being greedy.

Here is a summary of the abuse and the key events which led to her conviction.

Victim A is born and moves into the Spry household. She was officially adopted at the age of five.

Early 90s
In 1992, Victim B moves into the Spry household in May while Victim C arrives in June. They are both living there under a private fostering arrangement.

Eunice Spry is seen on a number of occasions squeezing four-year-old Victim A and pinning a notice to her back saying: "This child is evil, she wets the bed, do not speak to her, she is an attention seeker."

Mid 1990s
Spry decides to teach all the children at home in 1994. The prosecution said this was so that no-one would see the childrens' injuries.

The family move into a farmhouse left to Spry by a man who she had been caring for since the late 1980s. The family start renovating it in 1995.

Victim B first tries to run away when she is eight years old. She tries to escape a total of three times, the last time being when she was 13, but is found by police and returned home.

Victim A writes letters saying: "I'm aged nine - can I live with you?"

Victim B throws letters and diaries over the neighbours' wall saying how bad things are. She also tells her teachers she is having problems at home. Social Services visits the home.

September 2000
Victim A is badly hurt in a car accident and spends three months in Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. She has to use a wheelchair but is expected to walk again in six months.

Four years later she is still in the wheelchair. Spry prevented her from walking so that she could claim more money in compensation.

Victim B leaves home. Spry drives her to Bristol Youth Hostel and gives her some money.

Victim C goes to live with his grandparents while Victim A leaves home when she can walk again.

In January, Victim A goes to the police detailing all the attacks she had suffered at the hands of Spry.

In the summer, Spry visits Victim C at work and threatens him. She also calls, texts and writes him letters - some are threatening while others say how much she loves him.

Throughout September and October, the three victims are examined by doctors who find internal scarring which prove she did force sticks down their throats as a form of punishment.

The jury at Bristol Crown Court find Spry guilty of 26 charges of child abuse.


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