Date: 1995-01-02
Source: Deseret News

April 3 - Kameron Bright, 3, died after his skull was fractured in two places and blood deposited between the brain and skull. Also present was retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes. Kameron's adoptive mother, Darlene Whiteman Bright, 32, 6388 W. 3100 South, was charged with murder. She told hospital officials the boy fell out of his bunk bed, but doctors and investigators say his death was no accident. The boy also had suffered a fracture "at least a few weeks" earlier, and it had been recently reinjured, according to a medical examiner. Trial is scheduled March 6. Motive: Anger. Method: Possible shaking, blow to the head.

[excerpt from an article which summarized 1994 deaths]


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