Date: 1994-06-11
Source: Deseret News

The mother of a 3-year-old boy was charged with criminal homicide Friday, accused of causing the death of her adopted child in April.

Darlene W. Bright, 31, West Valley City, is accused of killing Kameron Bright, a foster child who had been adopted by Bright, after prosecutors from the Salt Lake County attorney's office met with West Valley detectives Thursday to review the case, said detective Welby Scott.In the early morning of April 3, Kameron was admitted to Primary Children's Medical Center after he complained of headaches, court documents stated. Medical reports showed Kameron's skull was fractured in two places and suffered blood deposits between the brain and skull. There was also retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes.

Darlene Bright and her husband first transported Kameron to FHP Hospital and told doctors the boy had a fight with his older brother and fell out of the bunk bed, court documents state.

Kameron was later transported to Primary Children's Medical Center where he died of "blunt force trauma to the head" on April 5. The state medical examiner ruled Kameron's death a homicide. Bail was set at $25,000.


father marty bright did nothing to help kameron

it is so tragic that this evil bully murderd little kameron,darlene was so abusive,and her husband marty was witness to most of the abuse,but he was so intimidated by this mean evil wife of is he would never say a word or defend any of the kids,he should have been charged with acssesory to abuse and murder,marty may you be overwhelmed with guilt you damn coward. i hope you burn in hell with your wicked wife ass hole.

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