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A look at privatization and how it works with government ideology and against the people who need specific public programs like child welfare and family services.
This documentary commissioned by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees exposes the many myths the Conservative Government in Alberta has used to push this agenda, showing how profit often changes motives and level of care given to those needing assistance and health care.

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Part 2

Private, profit, and "in the best interest"

This second part seems to reflect the private adoption industry very well, especially when one considers all the fees and additional (hidden) costs a PAP has to pay for a child from another country.

What's interesting to me is the direction CPS is taking, even in America.  More and more private agencies are being contracted to do the work state workers have been paid to do.... meaning there will be less state benefits and pensions to pay once these job go "private".  Consider the complaints made in this testimony, regarding social worker safety for those working in Children's Services, and note how many times the words "infrastructure", "initiatives",  and "model" are used and how each complaint made leads to a list of committees that will have to "follow-up" on said complaints. 

Who's best interest is being served when complaints about Child/Family Services are formally made, and each one goes behind closed doors for "further review"?


Part 3

Pound Pup Legacy