Kathleen Strottman

Kathleen Strottman
Executive Director
Congressional Coalition for Adoption Institute

For nearly eight years, Kathleen Strottman served as a trusted advisor to Senator Mary L. Landrieu. As the Legislative Assistant on Education, Health and Domestic Social Policy for Landrieu, Kathleen worked to pass legislation such as the No Child Left Behind, The Medicare Modernization Act, The Inter-Country Adoption Act, The Child Citizenship Act of 2000, the Foreign Operations and Labor Health and Human Services Legislation. As the Senator's Legislative Director, Kathleen managed the Senator's ten person legislative team and advised the Senator on all issues of policy.

Prior to joining the Senator's staff, Kathleen attended Whittier Law School's Center for Children's Rights were she graduated with honors and received a state certified specialty in juvenile advocacy. A member of the Whittier Law Review, Ms. Strottman published an article entitled "Creating a Downward Spiral: Transfer Statutes as Answers to Juvenile Advocacy."

Kathleen is married and the mother of two.


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