"Infant Charlie"

14-month-old boy about to be adopted by Richard and Ellen Pluckhorn, suffered a fractured skull, sprained elbow, fractured scapula and severed bowel. The injury to the bowel nearly killed him, and ultimately caused brain damage and blindness.
Date: 1983-01-01
Placement type: To be adopted
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adoptive mother


Organizations: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Huron County Department of Human Services


Norwalk, Ohio
United States
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Charles E. DZUREC obituary2011-02-09
Agency faced spotlight long before cages2005-09-22

ohio voices 4 innocent children

I live in canton ohio the foster care system is a very broken system we have to keep exposing cps / family court we need a good strong organization to help parents / families that have had there children / grandchildren wrongfully / put up for adoption / sale some children do need to be placed in foster care but they should be protected in there foster care home some parents just need help but the cps workers should not be telling lies on the parents just to make them look bad a lot of parents have had there innocent children wrongfully taken/ put up for adoption / sale we have to help bring innocent children home safe out of foster care to there loving parents / families I have met with 3 state reps here in my area they have all told me they could not help me we the people have to all come together to fight for all of our innocent children we have to all come together to the fix the foster care system cause some kids might just be in need of a out of home placement I'm trying to get my own organization started to help innocent parents that have had there children wrongfully / put up for adoption / sale we need to get all cps cases reopen I will be trying to help parents fine a good fighting attorney that is not scared of cps / family court we will go to court with parents so they can have support we will be contacting state reps we will be helping parents / families in all parts of ohio I will be taking free stuff so if the parents are in need of anything I would like for everyone to join me & my landlord we need everyone to be a voice for all of our innocent children my e-mail is kindnessohio@att.net

Baby boy Charlie

What is not mentioned is the new welfare director who walked in on the middle of this case, Rita McComb, successfully sued her own agency on behalf of the child and he was granted a settlement for 18 million dollars. It was handled pro bono by Cleveland attorney David Brown.


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