Gravelles reach agreement to civil protection order terms

Date: 2008-04-08


The Gravelles, who are appealing child endangering and child abuse convictions involving some of the 11 adopted children they lost custody of, were in court with separate attorneys yesterday as proceedings continue regarding their domestic troubles. The hearing was postponed twice in the last two weeks due to Ôscheduling problems' with of Sharen Gravelle's attorney Linda Fritz-Gasteier.

Details of the agreement weren't discussed in the open court or made available following the hearing. The agreement will be made public once Judge Jim Conway signs the document, said Court Administrator Linda Stower.

Magistrate Bradley Sales asked both parties if they agreed with the terms of the protection order and both stated they did.

Sales specifically asked Michael Gravelle, "You do understand you can not violate the terms of the order even if the petitioner invites you to?"

Michael Gravelle told Sales he understood and agreed to follow the court's orders.

Sharen Gravelle asked the court for a protection order last month to keep her husband away from her following a dispute at a Sandusky business.

Domestic violence charges were filed against Michael Gravelle in Sandusky Municipal Court and is scheduled for a trial next month.

Neither the Gravelles nor their attorneys wished to comment on the matter following the hearing, they said.


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