When will adults at the top in Huron County take responsibility for children?

Date: 2007-02-23

Huron County officials call him a foster parent.

And now they are calling themselves blameless as they are being sued by the estate of an 11-year-old foster child who was fatally stabbed in an altercation with this man.

He is Paul Efaw, who is serving a mere three years in prison for voluntary manslaughter in the death of his foster child, Conre Dixon.

The Huron County Department of Job and Family Services and the Huron County commissioners are asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed against them by Dixon's estate. They dispute the lawsuit's claim that Efaw was not properly investigated and crow that a psychologist had pronounced Efaw as a good candidate for being a foster or adoptive parent.

Of course, this is the same outfit that thought it did a great job with Michael and Sharen Gravelle and their caged kids, despite knowing of the cages with sirens for two years before taking action. The Gravelles have been sentenced to two years in prison for doing a "great" job of parenting under the gaze of this department. An angry juror later said, "Everyone I talked to on the jury, they all feel Children's Services failed."

A foster child is stabbed to death. Adopted special needs kids are forced to sleep in cages. People deemed fit parents by Children Services end up being sentenced to prison for killing and abusing the children put in their care.

And nobody in a position of authority in Huron County thinks they are responsible?

No wonder Huron County is a disaster zone for children.

It's time to get some people in charge who do feel responsible.


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