Playing Attachment therapist Neil Feinberg, Evergreen Colorado

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"What do you want to do?"

I shudder to think what I'd do if I were put in that position/situation.  The hate I'd feel... the things I'd want to do... wow. 

Here's a question:  why do so many foster/adoptive parents think this is appropriate therapy?


One son was so... in need of help.  I had read and thought about this, but it just seemed so bizarre.   There are a lot of variables in adoption: age at adoption, time with birth mom or other bonding time, personality, health, order in which adopted, age of adoptive parents, number of siblings, etc.  Each one of these contributes to the possibility of that child becoming RAD or maybe in need of a different approach to the bonding process.
This type of therapy scared the shit out of me just to watch it.  That was a Korean boy...  I saw my son.  I thank God I never even came close to using attachment therapy.  Our adoption failed...  but we went out trying.  This makes me want to vomit.
Teddy mourns the son she lost...

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

being told

nothing would work

then being told this will fix the child, and if you'd don't do it you have not tried all you could to help your child you fought so hard to bring into your home...

"Refuses to co-operate"

I've been reading various different posts on other sites, (including those from the AT's themselves), and I see how "the refusal to co-operate" is used to bully and intimidate.  I have many thoughts on this, but for now I want to share how my Adad would use his military experience to teach me lessons in self-control and discipline.

No, I'd rather not. 

<going silent once again>

sheesh, kerry...

All you did was make me REALLY want to know about those military tactics.  I wonder if I was that way...

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Neil Feinberg

I just watched the Neil Feinberg video and there are so man ethical violations its hard to keep up with them. He violates client boundaries by touching the child without permission. He then holds the child and causes the child to physically submit to him. He disempowers the child by physically restraining him. This isnt therapy  this is abuse and its unthical and possibly illegal. If I worked in his agency I would be a mandatory reproter and I would call childrens services and file a complaint. Robert Allan Hafetz Not Remembered Never Forgotten

I was one of those kids, and

I was one of those kids, and im not past what i went through.

Hey, I was one of the kids

Hey, I was one of the kids as well. When i try to tell people what ive been through the dont believe me or change topic. It was the most terrifying experience i have ever had. I still cant even go close to Evergreen with out freaking out and thinking im being forced back in there. Im so glad that he got disciplinary actions from the state of Colorado and gave up his licence.

I was also one of these kids

I also still have nightmares and flashbacks from what he did to me. He use to spit in my face if I spit on him. he did that holding therapy, he used to wrap me in a blanket and sit on me on the floor. I felt like I couldn't ever breathe. I hated him and the foster parents. they were just as horrible.

I was a client of Neil

I was a client of Neil feinberg and he did wonders for me he helped me be the man I am today he helped me get over a lot of problems I had I was a foster kid since I was 2 months old and now I'm an adult doing things with my life. Neil taught me to ride a bike he gave me a good phrase to use think before you act he also did wrap therapy with me cuz I was an out of control kid and back then it was a common practice to help the kid feel safe. So Neil is and will always be part of me and as for him losing his license he surrendered it for health and age reasons. He is legally deaf now and has to wear a hearing aid so he has to give up his license he has retired and sold his practice but is still part of it as a consultant

Dear Neil, You fucking suck

Dear Neil,

You fucking suck at your job!!! Your teachings are outrageous and sends the wrong messages to children. I truly and genuinely want to hit your mother fucking face!! People like you shouldn't be allowed to be near children.

Once again, Fuck You, Neil!! >:[



Feinberg finally lost his social work license, with no hope to get it back. But the state allowed this sadist to abuse children with Attachment Therapy for decades. It's hard to believe, but some Colorado counties still send children to Attachment Therapists.

Check out the website and a Facebook site called "Attachment Therapy is WRONG."

Neil Feinberg is a sick fuck

This is out of his mind. I don't know how he isn't in jail. All this quackery does is reinforce the original trauma for adopted children -- the original trauma that the world is not safe and they are not okay. It is abuse. It's like raping a rape victim to help them heal from rape.


I watched about 2 minutes and had to shut it off I felt so bad for that child! Whoever would be associated with this type of stuff is sick in the head!

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