Playing Holding Therapy Child Abuse

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This Attachment Therapist

This Attachment Therapist needs to be identified. He is Terry Levy who (along with the guy who invented the 2-week intensive, Michael Orlans), is still practicing in Evergreen, Colorado, at some pretty ritzy offices. These torturers claim that what they do is "gentle" and "nurturing." The Child Welfare League of American published their book on "attachment disorder" and "holding therapy" so they have friends in high places.

This clip was filmed at the Attachment Center at Evergreen, which changed its name to Institute for Attachment and Child Development after the death of Candace Newmaker.

If parents want their adopted children treated like this, it seems there is no one in authority with the courage to stop them. It is quite possible that the State of Colorado may be still be paying for this "therapy," as they have in the past. Some of the Colorado Attachment Therapists have claimed that the State of California sends them a lot of children, although California appears to have plenty of Attachment Therapist.

adopted parents

adoptive parents are also told that this is they only cure for their children.... it is what gets many to participate.... they are belittle and threatend or actually reported to social services once they become part of the RAD cult if they try to leave...

that to me would be the most effective method to stop this... stop gov funding of all RAD therapy.... shut them down... Colorado actually removed kids from their foster/adoptive homes when parents try and stop this


This is a really interesting claim you make. Do you have any actual documentation that backs up the statement Colorado removed kids from their foster/adoptive homes when parents refused to cooperate with RAD therapy?


Linda Rosa of ACT mentioned it..

in this article one of the few parents brave enought to speak out, Kathleen Herring I think her name was... did have a child moved from her home, the child had been there 2 1/2 years, was 14 years old, had a close relationship, was planning on staying there and being part of her family forever.... was ripped from her school, and her friends, and the family she had for 2 1/2 years because of the RAD therapist.... and the foster parents refusal to participate in the therapy.... the same foster parent had taken the same child to regular therapy as ordered for year... Kathleen is near the end of the article... the only reason she was till allowed to foster is because she fostered for another private agency that was bothered with Post taking business away from them...

Ohio also has a long history of requiring attachment therapy in placements...

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