Playing Child Torture Attachment Therapy Continues

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About clip

This was filmed at the Cascade Center in Utah, which is now closed, with "therapist" Larry Van Bloem (killed in auto accident). However, Attachment Therapy still going on in the state. Nancy Thomas is brought to the state fairly regularly, and the Adoption Connection lending library has many AT books and tapes. Several of Van Bloem's past associates continue to work in the state where several children have been starved and killed.

In this clip, note the elbowing of the child's abdoment. This is to bring out the child's "repressed anger." These torturers believe in the long discredited notion called "catharsis." They believe they need to bring out the anger in order to clear it from the child. Research has shown that expressing anger like this only makes people more angry and more likely to lash out in the future.

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