Friends, Witnesses Say Manassas Girl Abused at Home

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Date: 2009-01-16

MANASSAS, Va. - Prince William County (web | news) police report there are disturbing new details surrounding a 13-year-old disabled girl's death and the mother who is now being held in connection with the crime.

Police report they are slowly learning the truth about what happened in the days before Alexis "Lexie" Glover's disappeared.

Wesley Byers said when Lexie Glover came to his Manassas house a few weeks ago at five in the morning asking for help, the young girl was wearing only underwear and a vinyl barbecue cover. Byers said she also had a gash on the back of her forehead. ABC 7 Talkback:

"She said that her mother had hit her in the head with a stick...," Byers said. "She wouldn't give me her name or number or where she lived..."

The teenager told Byers and his wife a chilling story about why she ran away. "She told me that her mother made her earn her clothes and earn her food. I knew this girl was very distraught about going back home," Byers remembered. 

The girl was eventually sent back home after police and social services investigated. Then last Friday, her body was found in a Woodbridge creek. Her mother, Freedia Glover, is charged with felony child neglect and making up a story to cover up the child's death.

Now, Byers said he feels something could have been done to prevent this tragedy. "I think we dropped the ball -- we all dropped the ball," he said.

Lexie Glover had been a foster child until five years ago when Freedia Glover adopted her. Freedia Glover said last week her adopted daughter was challenged with multiple physical and mental disabilities and constantly ran away.

"She can't handle the emotions... so she either freezes or she runs..," Freedia Glover said.

One of the girl's friends, however, said Lexie Glover spoke clearly about being abused at home. "She didn't want to talk about it to anybody because she didn't want people finding out about it and sending her away," the friend said.

Police report they are looking into every aspect of the girl's life, including previous allegations of abuse. "We've got to go back and talk to anybody who ever knew her again," said Major Ray Colgan of the Prince William County Police Department.

Byers said he wishes he could have helped the trouble girl more. "Certainly somebody should have followed up and taken a look and tried to see if there was anything they could do... she needed help," Byers said.


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