Surveillance Video Provides Clues in Little Girl's Disappearance and Death

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Date: 2009-01-13

MANASSAS, Va. - Tuesday night, a search warrant is being carried out on the home of Freedia Glover, the mother of a 13-year-old disabled Prince William County (web | news) teenager who was found dead in a Woodbridge creek Friday.

There are new clues in the search for the killer of a disabled Prince William County teenager. Tuesday night, ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 reporter Gail Pennybacker saw surveillance video for the first time of 13-year-old Lexie Glover, moments after she disappeared.

The images show Glover walking south away from the Manassas Central Library at 11:15 a.m. last Wednesday. The surveillance camera from across Mathis Avenue at Parkside Middle School captures the girl alone behind a veterinary clinic.  ABC 7 Talkback:

The clinic was busy that day, but no one inside said they saw the child. "We were in and out all day with animals... and could have easily seen something go wrong... but nothing," said employee Becky Edwards.

A small memorial has been erected just outside the Woodbridge woods where 13-year-old Lexie Glover's body was found. A small sign and a bunch of flowers marks the spot where a hiker discovered her lying in a creek bed.

The girl disappeared from the Manassas Central Library on Wednesday, and a major manhunt ensued. Physically and developmentally disabled, Lexie wore a GPS bracelet, but it was found not far from the place from which she disappeared.

The search ended tragically on Friday, when the body was discovered in Woodbridge.

The little girl's mother spoke to reporters pleading for help when Lexie went missing, and now again seeks the public's help in tracking down her killer.

"It's really important [police] find who found her," Freedia Glover quietly said. "It's really important."

Police have canvassed the library where Lexie was last seen twice: they passed out flyers and stopped traffic once last week, hoping to find her alive, and again Monday, looking for clues to her murder.

Prince William County Police Officer Erika Hernandez said they were looking for any input from the community, "if anybody saw her, if anybody kept her in their home, if anybody gave her a ride."

Police have no released any details from the coroner's report, withholding that information while the investigation is still ongoing.

Prince William County detectives are scanning hours of video footage from a nearby store and the eight- to 10-mile stretch from Manassas to where her body was found Friday in a Woodbridge creek.

Police are also looking for anyone who might have seen Lexie on Prince William Parkway, the likeliest route between the library and the woods where she was found. They are still trying to determine whether Lexie might have walked some of the way towards Woodbridge on her own or not; the distance is eight miles as the crow flies and ten taking the roadways, and police believe it is unlikely that she walked the whole distance on her own.

Manassas resident Bob Jones expressed the community's reaction to the crime, saying, "It's horror... Anybody that would do that to a young child can't be mentally capable."

"I think it's horrible and I can't believe someone would do something like that to a child," said Terry Taylor, a neighbor.

Lexie's mother Freedia has said, "I appreciate all the support, all the information, all the people calling, all the people helping search, the volunteers and everybody."

She also noted that her daughter had run away five times in the past six months, but each time the child was recovered, in part due to a GPS tracking bracelet the girl wore. This time, the device was found in a neighborhood across Route 28.


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