Mother Pleads for Help Finding Daughter's Killer

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Date: 2009-01-13

MANASSAS, Va. - The mother of the 13-year-old developmentally and physically disabled girl who was apparently murdered last week made a public plea for help finding her daughter's killer.

"It's really important [the police] find who found her," Freedia Glover quietly said. "It's really important." 

Alexis "Lexie" Glover disappeared about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Manassas Central Library. Her body was found 48 hours later in a wooded area of Woodbridge. Lexie's body was found submerged in about two feet of water.

Investigators believe she couldn't have traveled the distance on her own and was murdered.

The key question facing police now is how Lexie got to Woodbridge: as the crow flies she was eight miles from the library where she disappeared, and following Prince William Parkway, the walk would have been ten miles. Police hope that someone saw her on that busy road.

Officers stopped traffic Monday near the library where Lexie disappeared, handing out flyers. Investigators are focusing on finding out where Lexie was in the 48 hours she was missing. Anyone who saw or had any contact with her is asked to call police.

"If anybody saw her, if anybody kept her in their home, if anybody gave her a ride," said Prince William County (web | news) police Ofc. Erika Hernandez, in another request for help.

Police are screening surveillance videos from along the Route 28 corridor, looking for clues. The GPS tracking bracelet Lexie wore because of her medical condition was found across Route 28. Police don't know if she took it off or someone else did.

Lexie's mother struggles to understand how someone could have encountered the mentally and physically disabled child and have wanted to harm her.

"I appreciate all the support, all the information, all the people calling, all the people helping search -- the volunteers and everybody," she said.

Because their investigation is ongoing, police have not released the coroner's report or details about the child's death. Meanwhile, Manassas residents mourn the little girl.

"For anybody to do this to any child whether they have disabilities or not is just completely heinous," said Manassas resident Tina Swann.

"Anything that they can do to try and find the person that did this to a little girl, more power to them," added Manassas resident Bob Jones.


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