Police: Mother Put Daughter in Creek Before Reporting Her Missing

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Date: 2009-01-15
Source: wjla.com

MANASSAS, Va. - Police have released disturbing new details about a Manassas mother being held in connection with the death of her disabled child.

In fact, police in Prince William County (web | news) say they are slowly learning the truth about what happened the day Alexis 'Lexie' Glover disappeared.

Thirteen-year-old Lexi Glover's body was found in the chilly waters of a Woodbridge creek, and police believe a motive in her death is tied to the history the girl had with her adopted mother. ABC 7 Talkback:

Freedia Glover, 44, is charged in connection with the girl's death and creating an elaborate ruse that the mentally and physically disabled girl had runaway. But authorities say it was the mothers demeanor and her inconsistent statements that made authorities turn their investigation towards her.

After questioning Freedia Glover, investigators now believe Lexie was alive the morning of January 7 before her mother took her some ten miles from their Manassas home to an remote area of Woodbridge and put her in the creek. Freedia, police believe, then reported her daughter missing.

Police say Freedia actually knew the community where the creek is located well, because it is home to a respite center for disabled children.

"Since the arrest has been made, we've had several people call us and give us information and we need to go back and look at that," said Major Ray Colgan, Prince William County Police.

Glover adopted Lexie five years ago after being her foster mother. Police are looking into all the medical conditions that Glover claims Lexie had, and if there are any previous claims of child abuse or neglect.

Meanwhile, the fate of another child is still uncertain with her mother in jail. Burial arrangements for Lexie are also unknown at this time.

"We're just literally broken-hearted over the death of this young child, regardless of the circumstances, and we're praying that she can be laid to rest in peace," said Maria Hawkey, a neighbor.


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