22 children adopted or fostered by Carl and Sherry Scott

12 adopted, 10 foster,and 5 natural children removed from Sherry Scott's home after Oregon Children's Services Division alleges sanitation problems and sexual abuse between children. Carl had left the home the previous fall. Most of the children were physically or mentally disabled. Many of the children were in the home under private arrangements between parents. Sherry also provided temporary respite care.

Sherry admitted to neglect.
Date: 1991-01-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse, Non-lethal neglect
Abuser: Adoptive mother, Adopted sibling, Foster sibling, Undetermined


Cornelius, Oregon
United States
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CSD MAY RETURN SOME CHILDREN (detailed article)1991-03-02

curious child

I am one of the children who was adopted by sherry. I was four years of age at the time this case took place. To read a story of a past that you have vague recolection of is, in a sence, subtly disturbing. However, it was necesary for an autobiography that I am in the process of writing for college. What will the admissions councilor think I wonder. I wish I knew more for this website has provided all that I now know. My new adoptive mother knows about as much. Hmm, how ironic that I've chosen a profession as a health care provider.

re: curious child

I'm glad the archives here were helpful for you.

I just doubled checked our resources and did not find any more articles. I don't know if Children's Services would be able to provide more information to you.


Hmm, how ironic that I've chosen a profession as a health care provider.

My Aparents decided Nursing was the profession for me.  It was practical, it was well-paying, and it was the sort of job I could do at night, while my children were asleep or during the day while they were at school.  I had no desire to become a nurse.  None.  I hated many of the classes, and yet some really did fascinated me.  When it came to direct patient-care, we were taught the right way and the wrong way of doing something.  I liked this approach because I was given reasons and rationales behind the dos and don'ts of certain actions and it went well-beyond the typical "You do it because I told you to do it" attitude I got at home.

I remember that first semester, sitting far away from everyone else, and just taking it all in.  I thought I was the only one with a very dark and hidden past.  I thought I was the only one living this horrible charade.   It took well over a year before I allowed myself to become close to anyone within my class.  Once I did, I realized just how many were just like me -- wounded souls who were left behind to suffer alone, and forced to make the best of a really crappy life-situation.  Once we graduated and became working RN's, it was very interesting to see who saw nursing as a thankless (yet well-paying) job, and who saw nursing as a strange little spiritual awakening and calling.  I know for myself, every time I went into a very sick patient's room, I was driven to give some sick stranger all that I could because I KNEW how it felt to sit, wait, and not receive.  I became very proud of my work because I knew what I was doing and I knew I was very friendly and kind.  I knew I was liked and respected and valued by those who needed a person who was reliable and trustworthy.  That meant the world to me.

I left my well-paying nursing job so I could stay home and raise my children.  I got a lot of grief for quitting.  I got many speeches about how important it was to have "extra money".  I got all sorts of warnings that my time-off should not last very long.  No one understood why I HAD to leave... I left because I didn't want my job as mom to be replaced.  I left because I wanted my children to never doubt the dedication of a good mommy.  I left because I could not leave my children alone... with a babysitter or family member.  [How could I possibly do to them what was done to me?!?!?  What sort of mother would I be?!?!?]

The irony for me was this:  I never wanted to go to Nursing School or become a nurse.  I was forced to go because it's what my Aparents wanted for me... "job security".  However, because of that short-lived life experience, I learned how to parent and as such, I was able to become the mommy I never had or knew.

This story is so sad. I

This story is so sad. I wish this kind of stuff never happened to children. I am so thankful for CPS and all the work they do to keep children protected. This is a very touching post.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Perverts hide behind the system.

You know to little

I am one of this same story...You do not have all of the truth here.
This is a gathering of media information not the real story of our lives... I was 9years old.
All I have to say is Sherry did the best with what she had, Yes she did not make good choices No she shouldn't have adopted ANY kids she should of taken care of the ones she had.
Carl is a ghost was never around who signed over custody the first chance he could adoptive children and natural children.
Bottom line is the system failed big time there should be higher standards when a family wants to "adopt" or "foster" a child PLease do not forget the countless CSD CPS employees that helped place children in the home.
What do you think "PRIVATE" adoptions are? and how do you think they "Collect" monthly payments if it's not through the state and some of the children where in foster care before being placed in "Private adoptions". For someone who is as gullible as Sherry is and has blinded fantasy good intentions this should not have happened.
I am still to this day trying to recover from the abuse from Older Mentally retarded children in this home.
Sherry herself never never ever abused me or any child in any way that I ever saw. She was at all times happy and comforting to me and gave me hugs and Love unconditionally no I didn't have new shoes or clothing but I new that I was loved and had a mother (not alot of children have this- )
I remember lots of fun times playing with other children my age and younger and helping with kids younger than me, wich I remember enjoying going to the doctors with her for there check ups one of the little boys had curly brown hair and cried so much when he got his shots I remember Sherry holding him in the van until he stopped crying and fell asleep.
I remember everything so clearly even to the day CPS came and how upset and crying and screaming she was.
I know she loved every single one of us but just couldn't care for everyone in the way she and Carl SHOULD HAVE..
This how I remember and I am sorry if it doesn't fit with the "Media Story" I am now working with families and children going through the same thing I did. I am expecting my first child and have been happily married for 5years.
Everyone has a story and it doesn't matter what the past is, what matters is what you have learned from it and how you will change your future for yourself. I have had counseling since I was 9years old and all I can say is learn to forgive and let go.

Thanks for the message

I really liked the message you sent:  "Everyone has a story and it doesn't matter what the past is, what matters is what you have learned from it and how you will change your future for yourself."

I have found there are victims (those who are quick to blame others for failures or shortcomings) and there are survivors (those who are determined to own a sense of personal responsibility and help make positive change for others, even if it means things will get ugly, messy, and really uncomfortable). 

I think one of the biggest problems within the adoption system is, too many adoption facilitators approve adults who want to adopt and think love is all a child needs.  Love, by itself is NOT enough for any child... and those entering an adoption plan must know the difference between wanting to love another, and wanting to be a good responsible parent to a child.  I think poor choices made by child placement services are rampant within the fostering/adoption system and I believe they are exampled in a statements like the following:  

  Sherry did the best with what she had, Yes she did not make good choices No she shouldn't have adopted ANY kids she should of taken care of the ones she had.

I know she loved every single one of us but just couldn't care for everyone in the way she and Carl SHOULD HAVE

It reads to me as if both the Amother and the children she received were not given what was most needed:  education and support, for the sake of ALL the children put in a new home environment.  The end result, as reported by the media, should come as no real surprise.

So the question is, how does one get the adoption system to change, so agencies stop putting children in homes where the parents are not realistically prepared, or even capable of doing more than "love", from a safe comfortable distance away?


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