Jennifer Haynes - deportation case

Jennifer Edgell Haynes was born in India in 1981. At age 8 she was moved to America by her adopter Edward Hancox, who sexually abused her. She moved through almost 50 foster home. Since her naturalization never took place, she was deported in July 2008 when she had a minor incident with the law.

Placement agency:  Americans for International Aid and Adoption (AIAA)

Status: Deported

Home state: Michigan

Country of origin: India


Case FileReport Datesort icon
She was adopted, assaulted & deported2009-01-15
'My foster parents treated me like a slave'2009-01-16
Fraudulent adoption process lands woman in trouble2009-01-16
Woman adopted by US couple has nowhere to go2009-01-31
Deported mom wants to bring her children to India from US2009-04-03
Deported mom's case could be 'tip of iceberg'2009-04-04
Adoption scam: central authority awaits report from state, US agency2009-06-11
Insufficient info keeps Haynes in the doldrums2009-06-11
Haynes lashes out at Cara2009-07-12
A lonely birthday and battle for 'foreigner' Jennifer Haynes2009-10-04
HC framing new rules for international adoptions2009-11-16
Haynes case: Centre pulled up2009-11-25
Adoption row: No progress report on Jennifer Haynes2009-12-01
You may try the last chance in US, high court advises Haynes2009-12-11
Agencies need to check on kids adopted by foreigners: High court2010-01-31
'Sorry, I can't disclose the identity of Haynes's mum'2010-02-09
Jennifer Haynes meets her long-lost brother2010-03-16
Jennifer’s Children Want Their Mother Home2010-04-12
Bombay high court may dismiss Haynes's plea2010-04-13
High Court reserves order on Haynes plea in adoption case2010-04-13
Deported from Chicago, she waits for Barack Obama2010-11-06
Deported woman seeks MEA’s help2012-05-28
Help me return to US: Jennifer Haynes writes to Krishna2012-05-29
How does an adoptee get deported? More easily than one might think2012-05-29
INSIDE STORY: Lack of accountability leaves Kairi in limbo2012-05-30
Deported for drug abuse, lady at SC door2013-10-04

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