Date: 1992-08-31
Source: Desert News

Associated Press

Just a few years ago, Dennis and Diane Nason were national heroes for raising dozens of adopted children from around the world, almost all of them mentally or physically handicapped.
Now, in an ugly custody hearing, they stand accused of physical and sexual abuse.Over the past two weeks, some of the 76 children they adopted have told of receiving beatings and being shocked with a cattle prod. Younger children, they said, were caged in their beds.
The couple, once celebrated on CBS' ``60 Minutes,'' are seeking custody of three of their biological children and an adopted grandson. They have offered to let the state take permanent custody of the eight other adopted children.
The state put all 12 children in foster homes after adult children made allegations of abuse.
No criminal charges have been filed, but the matter has gone to a grand jury. The Nasons expect charges.
``There will be no copping a guilty plea,'' Mrs. Nason, 48, said last week. ``We are not guilty.''
During the custody hearing, a 27-year-old woman adopted when she was 10 said that Nason, 49, molested her and attempted intercourse with her. She said that the only time tension and abuse subsided was when outsiders visited.


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