Oklahoma DHS corruption

I am back at least for awhile anyway I spent 2 weeks in jail got out then got locked up again got out and now they are saying that I am looking at 3 years in prison. These people want to shut me up in a bad way. Now they are saying that I made a bogus myspace page for the case worker which I didn't do. She has a myspace page but I had nothing to do with it I can only hope that she made it before May of 2008 that would prove I didn't do it I didn't even know her then. Also they say they have 6 people that are willing to lie and say that I was in the parking lot of a DHS building that is 20 miles away from my house a few minutes after being served with a VPO. I know they are lying because I have never been on that property in my whole life. I am willing to take a lie detector test but have been told that they are not allowed in court. I am ok though because I know that God will make them pay for what they are doing. I lost my Public Defender they scared him off so now I am all alone again just God and me. It's ok though because even if they pull this off with the courts down here they will never be able to lie to God and get away with it.


Why are things not OK in Oklahoma?

I was just reading an article (written by the Associated Press) that begins with the following statement:

Oklahoma has the second-highest per capita rate nationally for removing children from their homes and placing them in state care, initial audit information shows.  [From:  "Oklahoma No. 2 for removing kids from homes", October 15, 2008, http://newsok.com/oklahoma-no.-2-for-removing-kids-from-homes/article/3311566 ]

What's going on in that state, and why aren't state leaders making changes in their child placement services so grandparents, parents and children don't have to be separated by prison?

I don't know you...

You write like you are having a panic attack.  But in between the sentences, I read truth.  I believe you.  These things do happen in ?America?.  The thing you have going for you is God.  They can't take that away from you because they can't take your soul.
Teddy feels bad...

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

Dana I hear you and I believe you too

I think you need a damn good attorney. I think you need to send copies of your court records and letters to each of our congressman. I think you need to contact the Tulsa World. I think you need to file a police complaint. You have got to act act act. Don't take this laying down. You need to call Channel Two news. You get em girl. Too much power in peoples hands over our lives. Is your case on OSCN.net

What is your full name. Post that so people can research you and find out more.

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