Genevieve Monique "Genny" Rojas


4 year old killed by her methamphetamine addicted aunt and uncle. Her mother was in rehab and father in prison. Unclear if this was an informal or foster placement. Ivan and Veronica Gonzales killed Genny, their 4-year-old niece, by scalding her in  a bathtub of water. Genny had been beaten, starved, burned, handcuffed, and bound in a six month period. Both Gonzales' were sent to death row.
Date: 1995-07-21
Placement type: Foster care
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Foster father, Foster mother, Other family member


Chula Vista, California
United States
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The meth connection -- Drug, sensational crimes have long association in region 2007-08-26
Toxic environment: While grown-ups cook meth, children are put in danger By 2005-10-16
Calif. woman likely to join husband on death row for niece's murder 1998-05-21

R.i.p. my sis i love you and

R.i.p. my sis i love you and miss you!!!!

Genny Rojas

Hi I am someone that is very interested in doing something for your sister, in her memory. If there is any way you can contact me I would greatly appreciate it!!!
my name is Kat

If you wanted to do

If you wanted to do something then where were you when the poor little girl was brutally abused and killed by her aunt and aunt's boyfriend, I mean really what could you possibly do now? The damage is already done.

A pro-active response

As a self-described Angry Adoptee, who was abused post-placement, I can certainly relate to the rage and outrage that goes with a response to those who seem to offer too little too late. Unfortunately, I have also learned my own anger and outrage has served no real positive purpose.... in fact, both in and out of Adoptionland, my anger only alienated me more than I already felt.

As a recovering survivor, I can see how ANY pro-active political movement, in the name of a specific case or victim, can at the very least, raise an awareness that did not exist before.

For instance, I'd like to think an aggressive letter campaign designed to flood the desk of government officials (who have been voted into position), can possibly make a serious positive difference for the living. Asking... no, demanding... more protective oversight and monitoring for children put in-care is a simple request, especially if the request is made with the hope that fewer children will have to live and die, like Genny did.

your wrong anonymus! Dead Wrong!

Never turn away help! It is too late to help Genny, but in her honor to save one life would refresh her memory! I commend you Kat for wanting and actually trying to help.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Genny! Your story touched me when I heard about you 17 years ago. You were born into deplorable circumstance and suffered immensely. You are safe in God's hands now and you will never be forgotten, Little Angel.

As a survivor of physical

As a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, this story of such a beautiful child brutally tortured and murdered has haunted me for years. I will never forget her sweet beautiful face, with her cute little angel wing costume. I can only know that she now has real angel wings, and is safe from all she endured. The court system has always angered me so. I hate that like many murderers .... Sitting on death row- these monsters are still living- and OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS continue to pay for their care. All that money could go for so many other things.... These monsters most likely are also being protected in prison, costing more money for private cells... Because they would be murdered by other inmates for the harming of a child. SHAME ON OUR SYSTEM. Rest in peace sweet little angel. In my heart and soul you will NEVER be forgotten.....??


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