Dad admits on tape he shook daughter who later died

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Date: 2003-11-19
Source: Daily Hearld

Byline: Christy Gutowski Daily Herald Legal Affairs Writer

After days of complex medical testimony, a jury on Tuesday heard a Lombard man's own words about how his adopted newborn daughter suffered fatal injuries.

Bruce Keintz is facing first-degree murder charges in the Feb. 24, 2001, death of his daughter, Alexis. Prosecutors argue the overwrought father repeatedly shook the child days earlier on Feb. 17 when he couldn't get her to stop crying.

Keintz called paramedics to his home at 651 N. Kramer Ave. that morning, after Alexis stopped breathing. He had told authorities the family's 90-pound Airedale stepped on the baby.

But, after an autopsy showed Alexis' ...

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