Guatemala - Maria Fernanda and Ana Christina Alvarado case

Mildred had been tricked while pregnant with Ana, she was given an early c-section by the trafficking ring, when she awoke, both girls were gone.

A US potential adoptive parent ("Cindy") identified Mildred's name in a newspaper as being the parent of a child she was in process of adopting. She questioned CCI, who then withdrew the referral. Cindy then notified the US Embassy to check on the cases of facilitator Marvin Bran and CCI. The children were located and returned to their mother - they had been stolen by a ring headed by Marvin Bran's mother.

An anonymous complainant to Florida DCF notified them of  CCI of trying to place the girls. Florida found that the girls were the Guatemalan government's responsibility, but that CCI was once again negligent in record keeping and communication. Although DCF controls licensing for Florida adoption agencies, DCF said there was not enough evidence to warrant suspending or revoking CCI's license.
Date: 2006-08-01
Number of children: 2


Organizations: Amor de María crib house


Mixco, Guatemala
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