Letter to the Editor of Nugget News

Date: 1996-04-03
Source: Nugget News

To the Editor:
Where is the sense of proportion in Oregon's justice system?

Dennis and Diane Nason of Celebration Family fame were victims of an out of control witch hunt in which Oregon spent $3 million-plus investigating them for four years, desperately trying to find violations.

They were each given 60 days. Three million dollars divided by 120 equals $25,000 per day of jail time! They lost family, health and property.

Of 27 charges there were two minor convictions for forgery and racketeering. Minor? Yes, minor. Oregon racketeering law: illegal acts performed more than once by an organization. Therefore the alleged forgery of medical forms was automatically also racketeering.

The forms were required by Idaho's Hope House when they accepted children from Nason's large adopted family. Downsizing was due to pressure of the investigation and dwindling private financial support. The Nason's had no state-supported foster children.

CSD, state police, special investigators and Attorney's General office were all coordinated. Guess what high official gave the orders.

Could it happen again? I pray not.

Dr. Leslie J. Carson


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