Kenya - Miracle babies case

Self-styled Archbishop Gilbert Deya, claims that infertile and post-menopausal women can become pregnant through the power of prayer.

Kenyan-born Gilbert Deya, prays over the childless women, and they are pronounced pregnant by Jesus. Women allegedly traveled to Kenya where they were said to have given birth in slum clinics, but DNA tests proved there was no link to the supposed mother. Archbishop Deya - whose group has more than 36,000 members in Britain said he wasn't surprised their DNA wasn't the same as their parents, as they came from God. The Archbishop said he's seen post-menopausal women give birth, including a 56-year-old who has had 13 miracle babies over the past three years.

In Kenya, the front-page picture of the children seized from the homes of the Oderas and Deyas, offered a ray of hope to more than 50 couples.Children they had given up for dead may actually be alive.

One of the "miracle babies" has been taken into care in the UK after tests revealed that its DNA did not match either of its parents and it was discovered the child's Kenyan birth certificate was a forgery.

In Kenya's largest maternity hospital after 24 couples claimed their babies were stolen from the hospital immediately after birth.Most say they were informed by the hospital authorities that their child had died shortly after birth.

Date: 2004-01-06
Number of children: 53


Organizations: Pumwani Maternity Hospital
Persons: Gibert Deya, Mary Deya, Eddah and Michael Odera, Ms Miriam Nyeko, Ms Rose Kiserem


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