Acquitted of the charge against the Italian pair, izbivshey adopted children from Russia

Date: 2005-07-06

The incident surrounding the Italian couple, suspected of abusing a foster child is Russian, has been reported prior to the Italian Minister for Equal Opportunities Stefania Prestidzhakomo.

According to her, the Italian diplomat was able to convince the Russian judicial authorities to unfounded accusations against Giovanna Pintus and Giovanni Fore of beating 6-year-old Cyril Pushkin. More July 1, the child was returned to adoptiver parents. Prestidzhakomo added that the Moscow prosecutor's office on Wednesday could give the Italians permission to fly home with the child, ITAR-TASS news agency.
The incident occurred in early June on a plane Barnaul-Moscow, where an Italian couple transported the child, adoption of a children's home in the Altai. According to Hostess, foster-mother beat the child, when he began to clamor to do. On arrival the boy had been isolated from the adoptive parents and placed in an orphanage.
Spouses to the department, were threatened with arrest, seized on the adoption papers and a passport and a long interrogation. In the end, including through the intervention of the Italian Embassy, they are allowed to stay in a hotel with an undertaking not to leave the country.

Against the Italians, it was a criminal case on charges of dereliction of duties on child-rearing. . On defense pair Pintus-Fori stood Embassy of Italy and the Italian Association of Chiara, helping in the adoption.

At the boy's body, a patient with TB and defeat the nervous system, were found bruises.

According to the version of the adoptive parents, the incident occurred because of excessive zhivosti the child, for which, they said, it otshlepali. Then version has been changed: the Italian couple said that the boy had fallen, when ride a bicycle.

Chiara Association has expressed deep regret over the incident with the Italian spouses, who, according to the representative associations, "were very prepared and wanted to adopt a child."

La Repubblica: Russia surge in nationalist sentiment against the adoption of children by foreigners

7-year-old Cyril found family. Giovanna Pintus and her husband Giovanni Forito on Wednesday, should arrive in Rome: they immediately leave in Sassari, where they were waiting for relatives and friends. After months of accusations and suffering severe test of a couple of lawyers, arrested on 3 June in a Moscow airport, was over. This story was the incident provoked a diplomatic crisis between Italy and Russia, wrote La Repubblica

"This is the end of the nightmare - the Pope said - and a series of extraordinary measures illegal. Agents and judges immediately realized that committed blunder: but some people are very difficult to accept it."

Over the months, in a devastating demographic crisis in Russia walking nationalist trends against adoptions and marriages with foreigners. The case of murdered Russian boy adopted by an American citizen, gave birth to a wave of xenophobia, says the publication.

The Prosecutor General's Office are punishable by the hand of the Kremlin, has opened dozens of investigations into orphan houses and foreign agencies involved in adoptions. In Parliament, the extremist faction even demanded to ban adoptions and orphans stay abroad. There are 13 cases of killings of children by adoptive parents. Newspapers and television, controlled by the authorities launched a violent campaign. But they are silent data from the Russian human rights organizations: in Russia, there are 3 million young children abandoned by their parents, 1 million children in orphanages, 174 thousand of those who are looking for a family.

However, a Moscow court closed the preliminary investigation, removing the charges against the couple Forito. On Friday evening, Kirill was returned to the parents: now only remains to receive the paper to close the case, says the publication.

"I look forward to when it will be possible to go to sea - said my mother - we are happy. He has already started to remember the Italian names of animals. Suffice it was one of his smiles, to forget the suffering of this month."

Parents are grateful to the Italian Embassy in Moscow and Consul Enrico Nuntsiataih: "They provided us with extremely competent assistance and treat us as a mother."


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