In Moscow on charges of beating a foster son detained Italian wife

Date: 2005-06-06

Original in Russian
In Moscow on charges of maltreatment of a child adopted in Russia, was arrested on an Italian couple.

The couple adopted a child in Siberia, and are about to return to Italy, but were detained by police.

It's two days that they are in a Moscow hotel, unable to leave the country. The point is that the stewardess aircraft in which they flew to Moscow, has filed a statement in connection with the alleged abuse of a child during the flight.

This incident is currently the Italian embassy.

Reports of the Roman Association of Chiara, which is engaged in international adoptions and to draw up documents for the adoption of Siberian boy.

Today, on Monday, the Italians were to appear before the investigator.

According to the version of the adoptive parents, the incident occurred because of excessive zhivosti a child of six and a half years during the flight from Siberia to Moscow, for which, they said, it otshlepali.

This is not like a stewardess that on arrival in the capital, reported what happened to the police. Spouses to the department, were threatened with arrest, seized on the adoption papers and a passport and a long interrogation. In the end, including through the intervention of the Italian Embassy, they are allowed to stay in a hotel with an undertaking not to leave the country.

The child without the knowledge of new parents, was taken to hospital, where he was registered under its old name.

Chiara Association has expressed deep regret over the incident with the Italian spouses, who, according to the representative associations, "were very prepared and wanted to adopt a child." The Italian side added that she had instructed a lawyer to accompany the Russian couple for questioning.

Имена граждан Италии и ребенка ассоциация не называет. The names of the citizens of Italy and the Association for the Child does not name.

Recall that last week the Department of State Youth Policy, Education and Child Welfare Ministry of Education and Science announced on adoptions in Russia in 2004.

According to these data, in 2004, foreign nationals were adopted 9419 Russian children.

"This is more than 4 times more than in 1994 - while 2196 foreigners adopted our children, and since then, the trend has been steadily growing," - reported in the department.

In doing so, a representative of the Ministry noted that "at the same time, Russia is bucking the trend." In 1994, the Russians adopted 12115 his fellow young, but already in 2003, foreigners surpassed us on this indicator, as in the past year, our backlog is already at about 30 per cent - 6913 to 9419 adopted children from them.

More than others to adopt children aged 1 to 3 years - 3638, 2406 children - up to one year, 2297 children - from 3 to 7 years, and the remaining adopted by foreigners, were older than 7 years.

June 1, at a press conference in Moscow, the Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko said that to date in Russia in the federal database for adoption are more than 170 thousand children.

In recent years abroad have been killed 13 children adopted from Russia

A month ago, the Russian prosecutor's office published the data, which in recent years, foreign nationals were killed 13 children adopted in Russia, 12 of which - in the United States.

In connection with the facts of abuse of Russian children adopted by foreigners, the Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov sent a proposal by the Government of Russia on the need to conclude international treaties with countries whose citizens adopt Russian children, as well as to establish control over their situation.

[excerpt from an article original in Russian]


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