Abuse Cannot Be Tollerated

December 27, 2008
Times-Mail Editorial Board

Little doubt exists that Planned Parenthood of Indiana was at fault when counselors at its Bloomington and Indianapolis clinics failed to report suspected sexual abuse of a minor. Just as little doubt exists that the organization was a blatant target of the anti-abortion group Live Action.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the undercover videos that exposed the problem, something needs to be done to remedy the situation.

Planned Parenthood has enlisted an outside group to help retrain its workers on the legal requirement for reporting abuse. That would be a positive step for the organization to take, with or without the undercover evidence. We hope this situation forces the organization to continually provide that retraining, making sure the rules are always fresh in the minds of workers.

Indiana law requires anyone learning of sexual acts between an adult and a child under 14 to report them to police or child welfare authorities.

And although the girl in the video was an adult feigning to be 13 years old, it does not excuse Planned Parenthood’s lack of response when counselors spoke to the young patient claiming to be pregnant by an older man. Now, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in Indianapolis said it would have a grand jury investigate whether any laws were broken at the Indianapolis clinic.

Both counselors accused of wrong-doing are no longer working for Planned Parenthood. Another positive step for the organization.

Child abuse, in any form, is abuse. It cannot be tolerated by anyone. Everyone has a responsibility to report it.

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Kate Shepherd said the organization reported 123 cases of suspected child abuse to Indiana authorities in 2007.

But we agree with Sandy Runkle of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana when she told The Associated Press that organizations and individuals working with sexually active children have a higher responsibility to know the state’s reporting requirements and indicators of abuse and neglect, such as inappropriate bruising.

Everyone must adhere to these requirements.

Planned Parenthood has a responsibility to make sure all of its employees follow these rules.

And everyone has the responsibility to make sure abuse is not tolerated.



Problems with reporting

Common sense dictates any time you have an organization helping females gain access to birth-control and abortions, there is going to be a conflict-of-interest between the girls who are scared-to-death to get pregnant and the God-fearing adults who think each life deserves a second-chance through adoption services (making abortion and birth control non-options for sexually active teens.)   Moral judgements aside, let's ask how likely it is a sexually active girl is going to admit she's having sex with "the wrong partner"?  [For examples, see:  Foster Father of The Year, A Glimpse of the Mind of a Pedophile, Masha Allen

Indiana law requires anyone learning of sexual acts between an adult and a child under 14 to report them to police or child welfare authorities.

Let's say the girl who thinks she's pregnant is having intercourse with someone connected to her foster/adoptive family -- will both the parents and child want child welfare services involved?

Given the fact that there are doctors/professionals who WON'T report abuse because they fear foster care would be worse for the child and they think they're really going to lose the relationship with the person if they report, [See:  "Want to know what really bothers me?" and Liam Thompson], I don't see how child protection laws are really helping children.


NO laws protect children...

I come at this from three ways:  A child who was not protected; an adoptive mother who saw the law destroy a child and her siblings; and a foster mother who saw the law destroy families.
In NO WAY have I seen ONE positive thing done by the law that was "for the child."  These laws are made by adults, for adults, and with only adult input.  NEVER have I seen the law take the time to talk to a child involved and listen; they take the words, here and there, and put them together and produce the results they choose as right.  For the child?  NO, for the furtherance of their Agenda. 
That agenda includes the safety of their own jobs; plus pushes their own biased opinion of what should be done. 
My daughter did not know what she was doing.  She had no counseling with someone who truly had her best interest in mind.  She spoke as a retarded child who was searching for help and what happened was just the opposite: they called the police and passed on lies and half truths along with the truth that needed to be dealt with. 
She was taken from a mother who loved her and wanted to help her; and yet the mother was traumatized and had fingers pointed at her... and the daughter was traumatized by being threatened NOT to change her story; yet the story was changed time and time again to where the truth got hidden and she received NO help. 
She lived in fear to tell the whole truth; and in that whole truth lay the ability to get help and heal.  And now that she has dared to tell the truth, she was soundly trounced verbally and led out of the courthouse to continue the lies because the VERY YOUNG therapist was distraught with the fact that my daughter had made up most of her story and that therapist had bought every lie.
Do you see how therapists get caught in this mess and how it is THEIR egos and jobs that are being saved instead of the child's mental well-being?

What did I ever do to deserve this... Teddy

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